Knittingdodo’s knit rants

Yarn, Needles, An Extinct Bird……What More Do You Need?

2008 FOs October 18, 2008

  70’s With Style Cardigan  Fulled Lopi Tote modified  Fulled Lopi ToteRon’s Invisible Scarf
Knitting 004Lacy Fingerless Gloves
Knitting 005Baby Stripey Socks
knitting 001Leg And Hand Warmers
knittingIckle Bitty Ornaments
knitting 006Manly House Socks
knitting 002Manly Fingerless Gloves
knitting 004Lace Pillow Top
knitting 001Irish Fishing Cap
knitting 001Bookmarks For Teacher
knitting 007Girlie Dice Bag
knitting 001Topi Topper
knitting 006Ribbed Mini-Scarf
knitting 003Mistake Rib Vest
knitting 009Mickey Dishcloths


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