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A cool blog contest October 29, 2008

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Go check out this blog contest, what a cool spin on an election outcome! Make a comment, the more comment, the more prizes!
I needs me some yarn!

(Sorry, something is going fishy with my blog and I can’t make a proper link)


k, Maybe not…

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I know that I told you last week that I would have the MIL’s vest done before this week’s WiP post.  Well, I didn’t get it finished.  I’ve not been slacking, though, I swear!  I’ve just been dealing with a sick baby and had started on another project.  I promise you, though, that it WILL be done befoer next week!  It’s very cloe already, see?


I got this pattern out of 101 Designer One Skein Wonders.  Yeah, aparently, you have to use the exact yarn they used for it to be one skein.  I bought 4 skeins for this.  Two in the solid and two of the Claudia Handpainted.  That little ball on the top of the picture?  Yeah, that’s all I have left of the first skein.  It’s a good thing I got two, huh?  (PS, I realize it’s a yardage thing)

The other thing I’ve been working on this week is some legwarmers for the future SIL.  Yeah, yeah, I know I said I was going to make her the Red Dwarf socks, but it’s a time thing.  I didn’t think I would have enough time to get them done with all the other gifts.  Plus, I want to make sure they fit right and I want to be able to have her try them on as I go.  And lastly, I really, reallly like the look of these socks and want to make them for myself first.  Call me selfish, but that’s what I want.  That way, if’n I decide I never want to make them again, I still have a pair for myself.

Anyway, I’ve been working on these leg warmers and it’s a very easy knit.  I pretty much put the pattern together myself, though I did use other leg warmer patterns to find out how many stitches to cast on.  Here they are so far…


I was actually almost done with these last night.  I just had a few inches left when I noticed I had made a mistake way back at inch number 4.  I’d forgotten to change needles size and now they would be too small!  This is what happens when I’m tired.  Anyway, I ended up ripping back.  ( What good are legwarmers if she can’t wear them?)  And that’s where I was as of this morning.  I’m hoping to finish them today or tomorrow.  And then it’s on to the next gift on the list!


I know, I know October 27, 2008

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I know what you are thinking.  Acrylic?!  Cristi, you’ve come so far!  You’ve know the wonder that is handpainted!  You know better!

You’re right, but let me say a few words in my defense.

Firstly, I did not buy this at Michaels or JoAnns, I actually got it at my LYS.  Secondly, it was on MAJOR sale!  Like, a dollar a skein!  That still not convince you I had to get it?  Well, how about my last point.  It’s for my mom.  I know you don’t know my mom, but if you did, you would understand.  She will buy a $5 item that she doesn’t need if it’s on sale for $1, just because it’s on sale.  Ipso facto, she will not buy an item she does need for full price, she will wait for it to go on sale.

Listen, Mom loved the sweater I just made her last month.  She told me she would like me to make her more clothes.  She said she’d buy the yarn if I would knit it up for her.  I then let her know that the sweater cost nearly $100 in yarn alone and she just about had a heart attack.  When I saw this yarn for a buck, knowing that I could make her a sweater for less then $15, I had to get it.  I bought 14 skeins in each color.  She’s decided she wants shirts and has picked out several patterns in Ravelry.    I told her that it would have to wait until after Christmas for the knitting, but, if I have time, I may try to get one done and gift it to her for Christmas.

There, does that justify buying acrylic?  Probably not, huh?


Sock clubs and blog contests October 24, 2008

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I have recently become obsessed with knitting blogs.  I have about 20 in my Google reader and try to check them every day.  You know tha tif it was up to me, I’d just spend all day long doing knitting related things.  However, the kiddos don’t respond well to that.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that there are several of these blogs that have periodic contests for their readers. Genius!!!  I love the whole idea!  One of these days, when I come into some yarn that I’d be willing to part with, I’ll have to host a contest of my own.  Of course, I’ll have to get some reader first. ;D  One of the easiest blog contest out there is Garnfiti’s.  All you have to do to enter is write a comment on her blog!  How easy is that!  And the prize?  Her own handspun!!!  I’m totally hoping tha tI can get a piece of that action!  Go write her a comment right now!



My other new favorite thing is sock clubs.  There are several on Ravelry.  And I’ve seen a few around in the blogs.  The basic premise is that you pay a fee, (sometimes monthly, somethimes quarterly) and they send you sock yarn.  Now, you may be asking yourself, “How is this different from just buying the yarn straight?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  In most cases, you get yarn that the general public cannot buy!  Also, you often get a pattern that was written just for that yarn and colorway!  And let’s not forget special goodies! 

I’m not in a finacial position to join one now, but when I am, I plan on the Loopy Ewe’s cloub.  I’ve been reading about it and have drooled over their website, and I think that’s the right club for me.  I’ve asked for gift certs for the website for Christmas.  Maybe I’ll get enough and be able to join after the holidays.


A Pathetic WiP… October 22, 2008

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It’s a sad state of affairs when I have only one measly WiP to show this week.  And it’s not even a good WiP with lots of difficult stitched to justify it’s singleness.  It’s just a mistake rib pattern that takes no brains and very little looking to knit.

Wow, huh?  I bet you are amazed at my brilliance.  Well, this is the Simple Mistake Rib Vest that I’m making for my MIL.  It’s interesting in that you start at the bottom of the back, knit up over the shoulders and then back down the front all in one piece.  The only sewing is the side seams.  That appealed to me.  If you recall yesterday’s pr0n, I will be doing the front in the beautiful hand painted Claudia yarn I bought last week.

I did finish some projects this week.  I finished my first toe up sock, you saw that post a few days ago.  I’m waiting until I get some Christmas knitting out of the way before I do the second.  I also did one of the dishcloths for Uncle.  I’m not sure if I’m happy with it or not.  I mean, it took all of 2 hours to knit and the pattern was really easy to follow; but I’m just not sure if it really looks enough like Mickey Mouse.  I’m thinking I may have to tweak the pattern, what do you think?

Augh, the pictures are bad!  I thought I got better ones!  Oh well, I still think I’ma gonna have to tweak it.  It wouldn’t be too hard.

So, next week I should have more, better WiPs.  Hopefully, I will no longer be working on the vest for the MIL.  I have a week for each project if’n I want to get them all done in time for Christmas.


My first handpainted! October 21, 2008

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Oh, and it’s beautiful!  Closeknit had a blow out sale last week and this stuff was 40% off!  And it’s the perfect colors for my MIL, AND it’s the right weight for the Simple Mistake Rib Vest I wanted to make for her for Christmas!  So, I bought it.  It’s almost a shame not to use it for something for me, since I’m probably the only person in my family that will appreciate the yarn, but, oh well.  The colorway is called Turquoise Jeans.  Here it is, try not to drool…


There wasn’t quite enough to make the whole vest, so I got some Nature Spun by Lamb’s Pride in the Hurricane Seas colorway to do the back.  The pretty stuff will go in the front. 


Also in the blow out sale, I got three of these Cascade Lana Grande wool skeins for a buck each!  I’m going to make another knit bag with them.  This time, I’m using the original pattern without any modifications.  The knit group I meet with once a month, Knitwits, has been having trouble making the Fulled Lopi Tote.  Since I’ve made it twice now, they would like me to help them at our next meeting.  Apparently, the bottom bit’s giving them trouble.  So, I will be able to use this yarn for a working piece when I give them advice next month.  It’s kind of surreal them asking me for help.  It’s normally the other way around with me asking for help.


And, lastly, I got some sock yarn from Steinbach Wolle.  This is just for me because I like the bright colors.  I can’t decide what socks I’m making out of it, but I’m thinking maybe Fuit Loops.  Although, the yarn is Austrian, so maybe I should get another skein and make knee socks. 😀 


Why I shop at my LYS… October 20, 2008

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So, yesterday I went yarn shopping with my mom.  One word to describe my mom, is, uh…thrifty.  She will buy everything on sale, or she won’t buy it.  I told her I wanted to get some yarn and needles to make a cap for a friend who’s going through chemo and some dishcloths for Uncle.  She told me she had two coupons for JoAnns.  Yay.

Well, we went to JoAnns and looked and they have the worst yarn!  It’s only good of you are going to make and afghan or baby things, I swear!  It took me forever to find something that was soft enough for the cap:

It’s soft and I love the variegation, but I got it home and I can’t get gauge!  I think I’m just gonna take it back and get something else at LYS.  Here’s what I got for the dishcloths, I’m pretty sure it’ll work:

The pictures are bad, I know, but I was in a hurry.  The Lion Cotton is actually red.  Uncle has his kitchen in red and black. 

Well, I did buy some yarn at my LYS on Friday.  I even got some hand painted!  They had their blow out sale, and I got it for a song.  I’ll probably post pics of that tomorrow.