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The first official Dodo WIP post!!! October 7, 2008

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Aren’t you glad you are here for this momentous occasion?  I know I am.  Here are my current WIPs.

First we have the Seventies-with-Style cardigan I’m making for my mom for her birthday.  Now, her birthday was actually last month, but I had such a hard time getting motivated to knit it during the hot months of summer, so it’s a bit late.  In order to be able to give her something on her birthday, I took all the pieces and put them in a bag and handed it to her.  I know, I know, it’s kind of tacky, but my mom embraces my tackyness.  This picture is just one of the sleeves when they were still on the needle.  I have the whole thing sewn together and almost finished now.  In fact, all I have left to do is block it and add a single crochet to the front edge so that I can add buttons.  I’m dragging my feet on that, though, because, as you know, I don’t crochet well.

Next we have a simple felted tote bag.  I’ve made one of these already and use it for my current project.  I felt (no pun intended) that I needed to have more for each project I’m working on.  Right now, I just use the bags from my LYS to hold my other projects.  They work, but just aren’t as pretty as a felt bag.  Here is the first one I did.  I made it about a year ago and had no idea how it would turn out.  I was worried when I was knitting it because it seemed so big.  Then I washed it and found out why I needed it so big.

So, my new knit bag has all kinds of lovely Autumn colors and will be bigger.  I’m planning on using it for projects like sweaters and the like.  Here it is.

Here is a very basic scarf that I’m making for the huband.  It’s actually one of the first projects I started way back when, but it is so boring to knit that I put it away.  Well, I’m trying to get rid of clutter, and that includes 2 year old unfinished scarves.  All I have left is that little bit of yarn on the ball.  It won’t take me long if I just sit down and do it.

Lastly, I have a pair of socks that I just cast on last night.  I found this great sock yarn by Cascade in these beautiful orange and yellow.  I had to have it for myself.  Problem was that they only had one skein left.  I solved my dilema by chosing to knit socks for T instead.  That way I can still enjoy this gorgeous colors when my daughter wears them.

Well, that’s it for now.  Maybe tomorrow I can show you some prOn!


One Response to “The first official Dodo WIP post!!!”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Oooh that sleeve is a tease! I can’t wait to see the whole thing! And can I say, I LOVE the colors in your new bag and the socks?

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