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Yarn Pr0n of my very own! October 8, 2008

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Sadly, I won’t have Yarn Pr0n as often as some, but, luckily, my LYS has been having a sale and I have taken advantage of it.  First we have the wool that you’ll notice is already being used in my new knit bag.  Showing here:

There are three colors, but I couldn’t get the third one to come up on here for some reason.

Also, I have joined my first travel scarf group.  We are working in tweed.  Well, it just so happens that tweed was also on sale!  This is Cascade and feels yummy.  You may pooh-pooh the color, but I really like it.  I’m very much into earth tones, so brown makes me happy.

And a close up of it’s tweedy beauty…

And let’s not forget the sock yarn…The pink and orange ones will become knee high Red Dwarf socks for my future SIL for Christmas.  The blue and pink will be a pair of Spring Forwards for Mom.  Also, I have Regia that’s for me, but I haven’t picked a pattern out yet.  Any ideas?

The first picture is much more accurate as to the colors, I don’t know why it came out lloking purple in the close up.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Cascade Sassy Stripes that I absolutely love.  I was heartbroken not to find another skein of this.  And it’s not just the colors, it’s sooo soft!  I should very soon have some FO pictures of the socks I’m making for the girls with this.  I have one done as of this morning.

So, here is my delema.  The Red Dwatfs I’m going to make for my SIL?  I have to get her measurements.  I have to get them without her knowing.  She really wants her gift to be a surprise.  Any clue how to measure this chick’s legs without her knowing?


2 Responses to “Yarn Pr0n of my very own!”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Great yarn! I love the tweed you chose for your scarf. It’s going to be so nice! And YAY! Red Dwarfs! =D

    For your Regia, have you considered Jaywalkers? The pattern is on Ravelry now even though Magknits went away. Or if you’re up for a fun challenge, look for the Rainbow socks. All done in short rows. the color blocks will work up really cool in that pattern.

  2. Erin Says:

    Have your brother come up with some silly reason to measure her legs. He’s so weird anyway, she may think nothing of it! 🙂

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