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As God is my witness, my girls will never go sockless again!!! October 14, 2008

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Ok, I finished the socks for D.  If you recall, I was making them for T, but they ended up being too short in the foot.  I don’t think I adjusted the pattern enough to work with smaller needles and yarn.  Well, I put them on D, and guess what?  Her feet are too fat!  So these fit niether of my children.  But they are cute…

So, I guess I’ll save them for a baby gift.  But I’m taking this as a challenge.  I will make socks that fit my children…if it’s the last thing I do!

On a less dramatic note, I finished knit bag #2.  Aren’t the colors awsome?

Totally worth the sore fingers I got from the yarn sticking to the needles.  I’m planning to make 2 more so that I have one for all WIPs, but it may have to wait until fter the holidays.  I have a lot of Christmas knitting to get done.


3 Responses to “As God is my witness, my girls will never go sockless again!!!”

  1. Erin Says:

    You finished that fast! It turned out really cute!

  2. Titus Says:

    Are you going to start doing test swatches yet? You would save a lot more time. I ABSOLUTLY love your mom’s sweater. You are a knitting wonder. I can’t wait to start again and catch up with you.

  3. This is how it starts with the bags. “I just need two more so I have one for all WIPs” but then we cast on for another. And another. And then we need more bags…

    I love your felted bag!

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