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Things that interrupt my knitting… October 14, 2008

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I clean my parents house.  I don’t enjoy it, but my mom works hard as a teacher and is tired when she get home.  I stay at home, so I had the time and needed to bring in some money.  Mom had a little extra in that department.  The problem is that it takes a long time to clean…precious time I could be knitting!  And it’s not like I can just rush through and do just an ok job, because my mom will complain.  As I would, I mean she is paying me good money for a clean house.  So, I hunker down and get it done…except for days like today.

I know that I said this would be a knitting blog and keep most of my personal life out of it, but I feel I must give you some background in order for you to understand.  I have 2 daughters, T turns 4 on Nov 28 and D turns 1 on Dec 28.  T is a perfectly healthy, if somewhat headstrong, 3 year old.  D is a totally adorable baby who, unfortunately, is not perfectly healthy.  She had a neurological condition called Myontonia Congenita (MC).  It is very rare.  Only 1 in 100,000 people get it.  D got it because my husband has it.  Apparently both of the girls each had a 50% chance of getting it and D drew the short straw.  T is not afflicted.

Anyway, the way MC manifests itself is with body cramps.  Eventually all of her skeletal muscles (IE: biceps, quads, calf, face, hands, feet) will cramp without warning.  It’s not life threatening, really, but very painful.  Right now, since she is young, she only gets the cramps in her eyelids, forehead and throat.  Her eyes will cramp shut and her forehead will make her sometimes resemble the Beast from that 80’s TV show.  The scary one is her throat.  When it cramps, it cuts off her windpipe and stops her from breathing.  It scares us, it scares and hurts her.  I know that you are now questioning the fact that I said this wasn’t life threatening.  It’s really not.  If she were to stop breathing long enough to pass out, it would shock the muscles to release and she would start breathing again immediately after losing consciousness.  Thank God that hasn’t happened, though we do have oxygen and she’s on a monitor when she sleeps.

My point for bring all that up is that drastic weather changes tend to really exacerbate the condition.  Well, we’ve gone from Summer heat to Autumn bitter wind here in just a few days and she’s miserable and won’t hardly let me put her down.  Have you ever tried knitting with a curious baby in your lap?  I doesn’t work.


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