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Why I shop at my LYS… October 20, 2008

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So, yesterday I went yarn shopping with my mom.  One word to describe my mom, is, uh…thrifty.  She will buy everything on sale, or she won’t buy it.  I told her I wanted to get some yarn and needles to make a cap for a friend who’s going through chemo and some dishcloths for Uncle.  She told me she had two coupons for JoAnns.  Yay.

Well, we went to JoAnns and looked and they have the worst yarn!  It’s only good of you are going to make and afghan or baby things, I swear!  It took me forever to find something that was soft enough for the cap:

It’s soft and I love the variegation, but I got it home and I can’t get gauge!  I think I’m just gonna take it back and get something else at LYS.  Here’s what I got for the dishcloths, I’m pretty sure it’ll work:

The pictures are bad, I know, but I was in a hurry.  The Lion Cotton is actually red.  Uncle has his kitchen in red and black. 

Well, I did buy some yarn at my LYS on Friday.  I even got some hand painted!  They had their blow out sale, and I got it for a song.  I’ll probably post pics of that tomorrow.


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