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My first handpainted! October 21, 2008

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Oh, and it’s beautiful!  Closeknit had a blow out sale last week and this stuff was 40% off!  And it’s the perfect colors for my MIL, AND it’s the right weight for the Simple Mistake Rib Vest I wanted to make for her for Christmas!  So, I bought it.  It’s almost a shame not to use it for something for me, since I’m probably the only person in my family that will appreciate the yarn, but, oh well.  The colorway is called Turquoise Jeans.  Here it is, try not to drool…


There wasn’t quite enough to make the whole vest, so I got some Nature Spun by Lamb’s Pride in the Hurricane Seas colorway to do the back.  The pretty stuff will go in the front. 


Also in the blow out sale, I got three of these Cascade Lana Grande wool skeins for a buck each!  I’m going to make another knit bag with them.  This time, I’m using the original pattern without any modifications.  The knit group I meet with once a month, Knitwits, has been having trouble making the Fulled Lopi Tote.  Since I’ve made it twice now, they would like me to help them at our next meeting.  Apparently, the bottom bit’s giving them trouble.  So, I will be able to use this yarn for a working piece when I give them advice next month.  It’s kind of surreal them asking me for help.  It’s normally the other way around with me asking for help.


And, lastly, I got some sock yarn from Steinbach Wolle.  This is just for me because I like the bright colors.  I can’t decide what socks I’m making out of it, but I’m thinking maybe Fuit Loops.  Although, the yarn is Austrian, so maybe I should get another skein and make knee socks. 😀 


One Response to “My first handpainted!”

  1. Erin Says:

    I like the sock yarn. It’s purty!

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