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I know, I know October 27, 2008

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I know what you are thinking.  Acrylic?!  Cristi, you’ve come so far!  You’ve know the wonder that is handpainted!  You know better!

You’re right, but let me say a few words in my defense.

Firstly, I did not buy this at Michaels or JoAnns, I actually got it at my LYS.  Secondly, it was on MAJOR sale!  Like, a dollar a skein!  That still not convince you I had to get it?  Well, how about my last point.  It’s for my mom.  I know you don’t know my mom, but if you did, you would understand.  She will buy a $5 item that she doesn’t need if it’s on sale for $1, just because it’s on sale.  Ipso facto, she will not buy an item she does need for full price, she will wait for it to go on sale.

Listen, Mom loved the sweater I just made her last month.  She told me she would like me to make her more clothes.  She said she’d buy the yarn if I would knit it up for her.  I then let her know that the sweater cost nearly $100 in yarn alone and she just about had a heart attack.  When I saw this yarn for a buck, knowing that I could make her a sweater for less then $15, I had to get it.  I bought 14 skeins in each color.  She’s decided she wants shirts and has picked out several patterns in Ravelry.    I told her that it would have to wait until after Christmas for the knitting, but, if I have time, I may try to get one done and gift it to her for Christmas.

There, does that justify buying acrylic?  Probably not, huh?


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