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k, Maybe not… October 29, 2008

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I know that I told you last week that I would have the MIL’s vest done before this week’s WiP post.  Well, I didn’t get it finished.  I’ve not been slacking, though, I swear!  I’ve just been dealing with a sick baby and had started on another project.  I promise you, though, that it WILL be done befoer next week!  It’s very cloe already, see?


I got this pattern out of 101 Designer One Skein Wonders.  Yeah, aparently, you have to use the exact yarn they used for it to be one skein.  I bought 4 skeins for this.  Two in the solid and two of the Claudia Handpainted.  That little ball on the top of the picture?  Yeah, that’s all I have left of the first skein.  It’s a good thing I got two, huh?  (PS, I realize it’s a yardage thing)

The other thing I’ve been working on this week is some legwarmers for the future SIL.  Yeah, yeah, I know I said I was going to make her the Red Dwarf socks, but it’s a time thing.  I didn’t think I would have enough time to get them done with all the other gifts.  Plus, I want to make sure they fit right and I want to be able to have her try them on as I go.  And lastly, I really, reallly like the look of these socks and want to make them for myself first.  Call me selfish, but that’s what I want.  That way, if’n I decide I never want to make them again, I still have a pair for myself.

Anyway, I’ve been working on these leg warmers and it’s a very easy knit.  I pretty much put the pattern together myself, though I did use other leg warmer patterns to find out how many stitches to cast on.  Here they are so far…


I was actually almost done with these last night.  I just had a few inches left when I noticed I had made a mistake way back at inch number 4.  I’d forgotten to change needles size and now they would be too small!  This is what happens when I’m tired.  Anyway, I ended up ripping back.  ( What good are legwarmers if she can’t wear them?)  And that’s where I was as of this morning.  I’m hoping to finish them today or tomorrow.  And then it’s on to the next gift on the list!


2 Responses to “k, Maybe not…”

  1. JC Says:

    Nice color choices! I especially like the second one!

  2. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Love the legwarmers! Are they school colors or is there a significance to the color choices?

    BTW – I haven’t sent out your surprise yet, but I didn’t forget!

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