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FO Irish Hiking Hat November 26, 2008

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I needed to make a hat for David for Christmas. I think you might recall that my original plan was to make him the Fulled Lopi Tote. Well, that fell through. You see, I had offered to make him the tote a long time ago and we picked out yarn for it. He works at Michaels, so he said he’d get the yarn eventually with his employee discount. Well, months went by and he didn’t buy the yarn, so when I went to plan my holiday knitting list, I thought the tote would be perfect and I would use the yarn we picked out. Well, I went to Michaels to get it and David was there working. Somehow in the conversation, he let me know that he’d finally bought the yarn for the tote! Well, hell, now what to do? I couldn’t very well buy the yarn twice, so I called Uncle. He told me that since David spends a lot of time walking around town, he would probably really like a hat. Perfect!!! A hat would take only a fraction of the time that the tote would take, especially since I was going to have to make the tote twice the pattern size. But I didn’t want to make him a boring 2×2 ribbed cap, he deserves something a little more enatiled than that, so I went through the Raverly patterns and settled on the Irish Hiking hat, the companion to the Irish Hiking Scarf.
knitting 002
I’m really happy witht he way it came out. I decided to do the cable all the way up and I think it looks really good that way. This is one of the first cables I’ve done and I think I’m really getting the hang of it. I still feel awkward while doing it, but it’s getting better.
knitting 001
I’m sorry for the crappy photos. My plan had been to get some pictures of Ron wearing it, but when he put it on, it looked ridiculous on him. He just doesn’t have the face to wear this kind of hat. So, you get pictures of it on the bed.

Pattern: The Irish Hiking Hat  by Blackhorsefree
Yarn: Bernat 4 in brown
Needles: Size 16″ 8 circs until the end and then I switched to DPNs
Started: November 23, 2008
Finished: November 25, 2008
Mods: The only thing I really changed was the fact that I did one extra cable near the top. Also, the pattern had some typing errors in the decrease. I was able to figure it out, but if I was new to knittig, I would have gone crazy trying to do it.


When Life Socks You Hard In The Face…

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Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but I have a really, really good reason.  Want to see what I got to look at for the past week?

downsized_1119081032[1] (2)

Yeah, that’s D in a hospital bed.  She got the flu…really, really bad.  Saturday, the 15th, we went to the museum and she was fine.  When we got home that evening, she just started throwing up every 15 minutes or so.  Since she wasn’t able to keep down her medicine and dehydration really exacerbates her condition, we were admitted into the hospital.  I say “we” because I never leave her side whenever she’s there, so I might as well be admitted too.  We stayed until Monday night and then went home.  She seemed better on Monday.  She had stopped vomiting and was smiling and playing.  Well, apparently, we went home too early.  Monday night was met with lots more vomiting.

Tuesday morning I woke up to T being sick with the flu and myself fighting (and losing) nausea.  Since D had thrown up so much overnight, I took her to the doctor.  She was worried about D’s lethargy and told me to watch her through out the day.  Well, D and I spent the day napping and being sick.  Ron came home sick too midday, so we were all pretty pathetic.  By 4pm, I was feeling better but was worried that D hadn’t really woken up all day.  I called her neurologist who said that was a really bad sign with her condition and told us to bring her in to be admitted ASAP.  So, back to ER we go. 

Ron and T went to my parent’s house and I went to ER with D.  They admitted her, gave her IV fluids, and carefully monitered her until Thursday evening.  During that time, both my parents managed to get sick as well.  This was one killer bug!  Finally, Thursday, we were able to go home and D is doing much better now.  She still isn’t 100% because it’s taking a while for her system to get over the shock of being so sick.  The rest of us are, thankfully, much better.

As you can imagine, my whole life was just turned upside down.  I couldn’t do much all week.  Thankfully, a gal from church came and helped out with the house. (she got sick too!)  And to make matters worse, we found out that D’s condition is progressing much faster than anticipated!  Oy vey!

It’s a good thing we got out when we did, because this is what we had planned for this past Saturday…

Tatem's birthday 051

T’s birthday isn’t actually until this Friday, the 28th, but, for obvious reasons, we needed to have her party a week early. I was worried that we weren’t going to make it out of the hospital in time, but we made it.

On a knitting front, I got about halfway through a sooper sekrit project and started on David’s hat. It’s the Irish Hiking Hat and I’m enjoying knitting it up. I’m using some Bernat (*gasp* ACRYLIC!?!?!) and it’s not too bad. I wanted to make sure it was something that he could clean up really easily since I have a feeling he’ll use it a lot. Plus, the Bernat was on killer sale. I’ve not had too much practice on cables, but I think I’m doing pretty alright on it so far.

knitting 002

I’ve taken all the projects I have knitted and all the ones I need to knit for Christmas and put them in a box. Hopefully, by December 24, I will have only knitted items in the box and no unused yarn.

knitting 003

So, that’s all my news. Here, I’ll leave you with an adorable D foot…
Delaney Shots 008

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!


My Husband, The Model November 15, 2008

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So, I asked Ron to be the model for Texas Uncle’s sock, which I finished the other day.  Yeah, I think he had too much fun with it…
knitting 005
knitting 007
knitting 006
knitting 008

Yeah, he came up with all these poses himself.  He also modeled my most current WiP, the half fingered gloves I’m making for the FIL.  Let’s take a look…

knitting 004
knitting 001
knitting 002
knitting 003
He thought he was really clever, and I let him have his fun. In our stressful life, anything that can tickle his fancy is fine with me.
BTW, yes, I’m using the same yarn for both projects. It you remember, I got 5 skeins of this in sport weight for a dollar. I’m taking full advantage of this great deal. Plus, I love this colorway for men. In fact, Ron has already decided that I can make him a pair of these gloves for him with what I have left. He works often in a freezer, so he’d like to have them for that.


Llamas And Pajamas November 13, 2008

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Actually, there are no pajamas in this post. As for llamas…
knitting 006
knitting 003
knitting 002


So, this past Saturday we went to the local Pecan Festival. We were expecting it to be all about Pecans, I mean it is in the name, but I was pleasently surprised to see this…


knitting 001


She’s spinning up the above Llama fur. I was a complete dunderhead and forgot to ask her name, but she was really nice! It was great because I was able to show T how the yarn I buy comes into being. She showed us how she sets it all up and how she plied it. But the best part is the little gift she gave T.

knitting 002

That’s real Llama fur, people. T played with it the whole time we were there! She kept “petting” it. It was her favorite thing in the world. That is until she won this…

Pecan Festival 005

That’s Flippey, our newest member. T won it in one of the games she played and named it herself. Flippey has taken up residence in a bowl in our kitchen. So far, so good, but we are just waiting for Treakle to try to make a Flippy snack.


Socks for Big Footed People… November 12, 2008

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…Take a lot of yarn!  I’ve been making these socks for Texas Uncles  (who wears a size 11.5, I found out)  and I’ve had to break into my third skein!  Wanna see?
knitting 001
Yup, finished one last night. I’m a bit worried, though. Ron tried it on after I was done and said it felt tight in the foot. I don’t know if it’s just that he’s so used to the stretched out socks he wears or what. All I know is that he only wear a 10.5, so if it’s too small for him… He does have really wide, Fred Flinstone type feet, though. I’m taking a trip to the LYS today to see what needs to be done. If this one is fine and I just can’t use my husband’s platter feet for modeling, then I only have about 3 inches left of the second one and I can do the toe. Hopefully, these will be finished today and I can cross another project off the list.
Let’s see, what else? Well, the MIL’s vest is still on the needles. I’m dragging my feet on that, I know, but I’m anxious to get some of the other stuff done. That last bit is so brainless, that it would be perfect for the week before Christmas when my brain’s fried anyway. I won’t bore you with another picture since it looks the same.
I will show you this, though…
knitting 002
No, it’s not your imagination, it’s smaller than last time. You see, I didn’t have the write size circular needle. I needed a 7, but only had an 8. I tried it for a while on the 8, but it was coming out too big, so I tore it all out and will have to get a 7. It’s such a sad thing to rip out hours of work. Luckily, since it’s a hat, there wasn’t that much to rip.
That’s it for the WiPs, tomorrow I plan to show you what we did last Saturday and intoduce you to the newest member of our clan. Stay tuned!


Yarn Sales Help Me Keep My Sanity… November 10, 2008

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If you know me, you know that money is not something I have in abundance.  One day I will.  One day I will be comfortably wealthy and I will be able to repay all those very generous people who have helped us over the years.  And I will love every minute of it. :o)

The reason I bring this up is so that you understand how rare it is for me to be able to buy quality yarn.  Up until a year or so ago, it didn’t matter.  I bought all my yarn at Michaels and was happy with that.  Then I really discovered my LYS.  It wasn’t the first time I’d been in there, but it was the time when the light came on, angels sang, and I suddening understood what all the fuss was about.  Since then, I spend nearly every Sunday at my LYS knitting and drooling over the fiber.  Most of it I know I will probably never be able to afford.  I have, in the past, managed to buy a little here and there so that the owners, who have been very generous and understanding to me, don’t think that I’m just some mooch using their building to knit in.  Even though I have managed to get yarn every so often, I never am able to get near enough to satisfy my cravings.  Well, there’s been a recent development at the store that has helped in that department.  It’s called Spring (or Autumn if you will) cleaning.  You see, the store has been getting rid of all the yarn that hasn’t been selling in order to be able to bring in fresh stuff.  And they’ve been selling it for a SONG!!! 

I’ve shown you a  few of the things I’ve managed to get pretty cheap, including the Claudia handpainted that I got for my MIL’s vest and the 30 some odd skeins that Mom bought so I could make a couple of shirts.  But what I didn’t tell you about is the dollar sock bin.  Yeah, you read right, ONE DOLLAR!!!  Prepare yourself for some socky goodness!
knitting 011

The above Regia will be a pair of sock for me.  I really like these colors!
knitting 013

The far left skein will probably be T’s socks.  She been begging me to make things for her.  The two other colors are Regia Silk.  It is sooo stinkin’ soft!  Since they only had one skein each, I was going to use these to make socks for the girls.  However, I hate to waste the silky goodness on my babies who will just run though the mud in them, so I think I may make a me sized sock out of each and then wear them together in an awkward-clashy-but-I-can-pull-it-off-because-I’m-that-rockin’-awesome kind of way.
knitting 012

I actually got 5 skeins of the above colorway, but I only took pictures of these two because I’m already using the others.  These have already become a pair of house socks for my Texas Uncle for Christmas.  See?
knitting 003
knitting 004

It’s a sport weight which is why it’s turning into house socks instead of regular socks.  It would be hard to get these into shoes.  The reason the first one isn’t finished yet is because I havent’ been able to get my uncle’s shoe size yet.  I figured I don’t have time to wait for an answer to that question, so I’m going on and I will come back and do the toe when I know.  The other two skeins will become some manly half finger gloves for my FIL.  Oh, and I’ve had Ron try these on to get  an idea how they would fit a man, and he’s decided that I can knit him socks whenever I want to.  Apparently, they feel really good to his feet.  I guess Ronnie socks will be one of the first projects for 2009.  Not the very first, though, I’m making something for myself right after Christmas.  I think I deserve it!

The best sock yarn deal I got is on this stuff…

knitting 009

knitting 010

That’s 7 skiens, people.  Seven 100 grams skeins.  Yeah, and I love the colorway!  You wanna know how much it cost me?  Come on, guess…K, I’ll tell you…three dollars, yeah for all of them!  Yeah, apparently, other patrons don’t like the bee/sky kind of look like I do.  Their loss, my gain.  I’m thinking of making gloves for all the family and maybe some knee socks if I have enough left.  We’ll see.

And, if you think that’s good, you’ll love this:
knitting 007
knitting 008

This is two skeins, about 440 yards, of Paca Paints in a worsted weight.  It’s 100% Superfine Alpaca in the Vineyard colorway.  Oh my goodness, is it soft!!!!  And the colors are just loverly!  I know you can see the price tag, but you want to guess how much I spent on it?  NOTHING!  Yup, zip, zilch, nada!  Apparently, someone bought it somewhere and didn’t like it, so they brought it to the LYS and offered it up for charity.  Well, we all know that I’m not too proud to take charity.  I swept that up without a second thought.  I was thinking about fingerless gloves since it’s so soft and need to feel it on my skin.  But, it’s too bulky for that.  I don’t like the look of bulky gloves.  And since the sunny California weather does not lend itself to scarves or cowls, I think I will make a shrug out of it.  In fact, I think I’m going to go for this one, the circular shrug.

So, that’s thy most recent yarn accumulations.  All, in all, I think I’m out, like, 12 bucks.  Not bad, huh?


Well, thank God that’s over… November 5, 2008

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That last week or so before election time just about drives me crazy.  I get so tired of hearing the schpeal, seeing the commercials, and getting the phone calls.  But, it’s over and we have the first black president ever.  I’m happy that this has happened in my life time…even if I didn’t choose him.

But, this isn’t a political blog, it’s a knitting blog, right?  So let’s get on with the knitting!  I realize that last week I promised you that I would be finished with my MIL’s vest by this week.  I lied.  I, in fact, did not work on it at all the past week.  It looks the same as last week…
Knitting 002
Yeah, I know, you’ve lost all faith in me. But, as I said in my post yesterday, I’ve been sick and working on other things. Last Thursday, I went to my MOPs meeting (Mothers Of Preschoolers, for those who don’t know) and found out that tomorrow there will be an ornament exchange. The idea was to get a $10 dollar ornament and exchange it. (Hence the name) Well, this being the begining of the month, I had to pay the mortgage and the extra tener was not available. So I wracked my brain and remembered these little babies in 101 Designer One Skein Wonders…
knitting 004
I know you saw them yesterday, but they are so cute, I had to show you again. I have finished the second sock and just have the sweater left to do today. I figure that the time and effort put into making these makes them worth more than $10, so I’m safe for the exchange tomorrow.

I also cast this on last night…
knitting 002
My best friend’s mom (Hi Erin!) has breast cancer. I can’t do much to help her, especially since she’s several states away, but I can knit her a chemo cap. So that’s what I’m doing. It’s the Pi Topper Chemo Cap. I’m really enjoying the knit and it’s knitting up fast, but I have the wrong needles. Its calls for size 7 circulars, but I only have DPNs. I worked as long as I could on the DPNs, but eventually had to change. I have 8s in circular, so I decided to use those. The only problem is that I don’t have the right length. You need 16″ to 20″ and all I have is one 12″ and a 24″. Just my luck to have one one size too small and one one size too big. The little one can’t even be use to do two circulars properly, so I’m jimmy riggin’ it. It would totally make a proper knitter cringe, but it’s working alright. I will probably go get new needles if I make another hat, but using the 2 circulars as if they were straights is working for the moment.

Wel, there are only 7 more weeks until Christmas and I only have one project done so far. But, I only have 7 left and they aren’t really hard, long projects like a sweater or shawl, just little things like gloves. I figure I can still make it. Especially since I have Thanksgiving weekend when I will have lots of family around to take the young ones off my hands and I can get a lot more done in less time.

On a totally separate note, we have finally gotten some fall weather here in sunny soCal. I’m not kidding when I say that last week we were in shorts and running the AC. Right now, it’s 52 and beautiful. I told God that I would go through the summers here with minimal complaint as long as He would give me a proper Autumn and Winter. I thought that He maybe had gone back on His end of the bargain.