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Wow, It’s Been A While! November 4, 2008

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So, I realized that I haven’t posted anything in nearly a week!  Sorry about that.  I’ve been sick.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting, of course I’ve been knitting!  When I die, I will still be knitting.  But I just haven’t been feeling up to doing much of anything else.

I have a FO for you fine folks this morning.  My first official Christmas gift is finished!  Yay!!!!!  Only, like, 8 more to go.  Here are the leg warmers I made for the future SIL. 

knitting 001

If you read my other post when these were just WiPs, you would know that I opted out of making the Red Dwarf socks because I really, really want to make them for myself.  Also, you may have noticed in the above picture that there are added hand warmers.  Yeah, I had some leftover yarn, so I decided to put it to good use.  I didn’t have quite enough, though and had to make the second one a little different.  That’s not a trick of the light, the one thumb is shorter than the other.  I may take the bigger one out and shorten it, or I may just leave it.  We’ll see how I feel, but, probably, I’ll just leave it.  I’m lazy.  Now all I have left is to weave the thousand ends of the second leg warmer and I can wrap this baby up!  Want some more pictures?  Ok…

 knitting 002

knitting 002

knitting 003


Oh, the hand warmers are a tweaked version of the Cherry Red Handwarmers.  The original pattern was done flat, but I didn’t like that so, with the help of another knitter, I made them in the round and added a thumb.  They came out ok, but there was an awful lot of knit2tog to make the lace pattern and my poor little hands were a mite tired at the end.  I doubt I’ll make them again, but they served this purpose splendedly.

The other thing I’ve been working on this past week?  Ickle bitty ornaments!!!!  Aren’t they cute?
knitting 004

They’re for an ornament exchange.  I have one sock and a sweater left to do.  I plan on getting them done today and tomorrow.  I have to, the exchange is Thursday!!!

So, that’s what I’ve done this week, not too shabby for being a sickie.  Oh, don’t forget today is voting day!  I don’t care who you vote for, just get out there and do it!


One Response to “Wow, It’s Been A While!”

  1. Erin Says:

    Yay! I love the itty bitty ornaments! They are so cute!

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