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Yarn Sales Help Me Keep My Sanity… November 10, 2008

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If you know me, you know that money is not something I have in abundance.  One day I will.  One day I will be comfortably wealthy and I will be able to repay all those very generous people who have helped us over the years.  And I will love every minute of it. :o)

The reason I bring this up is so that you understand how rare it is for me to be able to buy quality yarn.  Up until a year or so ago, it didn’t matter.  I bought all my yarn at Michaels and was happy with that.  Then I really discovered my LYS.  It wasn’t the first time I’d been in there, but it was the time when the light came on, angels sang, and I suddening understood what all the fuss was about.  Since then, I spend nearly every Sunday at my LYS knitting and drooling over the fiber.  Most of it I know I will probably never be able to afford.  I have, in the past, managed to buy a little here and there so that the owners, who have been very generous and understanding to me, don’t think that I’m just some mooch using their building to knit in.  Even though I have managed to get yarn every so often, I never am able to get near enough to satisfy my cravings.  Well, there’s been a recent development at the store that has helped in that department.  It’s called Spring (or Autumn if you will) cleaning.  You see, the store has been getting rid of all the yarn that hasn’t been selling in order to be able to bring in fresh stuff.  And they’ve been selling it for a SONG!!! 

I’ve shown you a  few of the things I’ve managed to get pretty cheap, including the Claudia handpainted that I got for my MIL’s vest and the 30 some odd skeins that Mom bought so I could make a couple of shirts.  But what I didn’t tell you about is the dollar sock bin.  Yeah, you read right, ONE DOLLAR!!!  Prepare yourself for some socky goodness!
knitting 011

The above Regia will be a pair of sock for me.  I really like these colors!
knitting 013

The far left skein will probably be T’s socks.  She been begging me to make things for her.  The two other colors are Regia Silk.  It is sooo stinkin’ soft!  Since they only had one skein each, I was going to use these to make socks for the girls.  However, I hate to waste the silky goodness on my babies who will just run though the mud in them, so I think I may make a me sized sock out of each and then wear them together in an awkward-clashy-but-I-can-pull-it-off-because-I’m-that-rockin’-awesome kind of way.
knitting 012

I actually got 5 skeins of the above colorway, but I only took pictures of these two because I’m already using the others.  These have already become a pair of house socks for my Texas Uncle for Christmas.  See?
knitting 003
knitting 004

It’s a sport weight which is why it’s turning into house socks instead of regular socks.  It would be hard to get these into shoes.  The reason the first one isn’t finished yet is because I havent’ been able to get my uncle’s shoe size yet.  I figured I don’t have time to wait for an answer to that question, so I’m going on and I will come back and do the toe when I know.  The other two skeins will become some manly half finger gloves for my FIL.  Oh, and I’ve had Ron try these on to get  an idea how they would fit a man, and he’s decided that I can knit him socks whenever I want to.  Apparently, they feel really good to his feet.  I guess Ronnie socks will be one of the first projects for 2009.  Not the very first, though, I’m making something for myself right after Christmas.  I think I deserve it!

The best sock yarn deal I got is on this stuff…

knitting 009

knitting 010

That’s 7 skiens, people.  Seven 100 grams skeins.  Yeah, and I love the colorway!  You wanna know how much it cost me?  Come on, guess…K, I’ll tell you…three dollars, yeah for all of them!  Yeah, apparently, other patrons don’t like the bee/sky kind of look like I do.  Their loss, my gain.  I’m thinking of making gloves for all the family and maybe some knee socks if I have enough left.  We’ll see.

And, if you think that’s good, you’ll love this:
knitting 007
knitting 008

This is two skeins, about 440 yards, of Paca Paints in a worsted weight.  It’s 100% Superfine Alpaca in the Vineyard colorway.  Oh my goodness, is it soft!!!!  And the colors are just loverly!  I know you can see the price tag, but you want to guess how much I spent on it?  NOTHING!  Yup, zip, zilch, nada!  Apparently, someone bought it somewhere and didn’t like it, so they brought it to the LYS and offered it up for charity.  Well, we all know that I’m not too proud to take charity.  I swept that up without a second thought.  I was thinking about fingerless gloves since it’s so soft and need to feel it on my skin.  But, it’s too bulky for that.  I don’t like the look of bulky gloves.  And since the sunny California weather does not lend itself to scarves or cowls, I think I will make a shrug out of it.  In fact, I think I’m going to go for this one, the circular shrug.

So, that’s thy most recent yarn accumulations.  All, in all, I think I’m out, like, 12 bucks.  Not bad, huh?


One Response to “Yarn Sales Help Me Keep My Sanity…”

  1. Erin Says:

    If only yarn sales helped me keep mine!
    First off, I love the yarn in the first picture…it’s so bright and colorful!
    Second, when you say they’re selling the yarn for a song, which song, and do you have to sing it, or give it to them on some sort of mix tape?
    Lastly, I also love the last yarn pictured. It’s bee-utiful!

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