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My Christmas Knitting List… December 3, 2008

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Back a few months ago, I listed my Christmas knitting list in a post.  I’ve been going back and editing it as I finish things, but I figured, if only for my own benefit, I would post it again.  I’m also reposting the pictures of the FOs…

1. Mom:  The Ribbed Mini-Scarf  Done 12-11
knitting 006

3. MIL: Simple Mistake Rib Vest from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders Done 12/14
knitting 002

4. FIL: Fingerless Gloves  DONE 11/18
knitting 002

5. Uncle:  Mickey Mouse dishtowels Done 12-16
knitting 009knitting 001

6. David:  Irish Hiking Hat  DONE 11/25
knitting 001

7. Texas Uncle; Socks  DONE 11-12
knitting 006

8. Texas Aunt Ring Bearer Pillow from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders  DONE 11/28
knitting 004

9. Brother: Topi Hat  DONE 12/2
knitting 001

10. Future SIL: Leg and Hand Warmers   DONE 10-29
knitting 002

11.  D&D friends:  Felted Dice Bags  Hers Done 12/2  Hs Done 12/17
knitting 007knitting 003

12. T’s Teachers:  Three bookmarks DONE 12-5
knitting 001

13.  Sooper Sekrit Project: The BFF Socks Done 12-9,
knitting 003


So, as of today, I have 3 weeks left.  I’ve been knitting like crazy and a lot of other things have fallen by the wayside because of it.  But, I figure who needs to do housework anyway?


One Response to “My Christmas Knitting List…”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’m assuming mine is the sooper sekrit one. 🙂
    The pillow thing for your aunt is really pretty.

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