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An Apple For Teacher… December 5, 2008

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I don’t quite know where that tradition started, but I doubt T’s teachers really need her to give them apples.

So, that left me with the dilema of what to gift them for Christmas.  Being the child of a teacher, I understand how getting 30 Christmas angels from the 99cent store can be a little over the top.  I didn’t want to add to the cheezy, cheap gifts that teachers normally get, and, since I’m a knitter, I automatically thought I should make them something.

The problem was, what to make?  T has three teachers since she’s just in preschool.  That made my kntting options a little bit more limited.  I didn’t have time to make each one something big like a blanket  or shawl, and I was reticent to make anything they could wear.  My original idea was to make headbands, but I worried that I would spend all that time and then they wouldn’t like them to wear, which basically means a waste of time and effort on my part.  So, if not something big or something to wear, then what?

knitting 001

Enter the bookmark.  Aha!  That’s it!  What teacher couldn’t use a bookmark?  I mean, even if they aren’t big readers, then they could use them for their schoolbooks, or even hang them from the wall as art!  Now, I just had to find a pattern…or three…

I found these all on Ravelry and loved them.  First is the Lace Waves…
knitting 004

Then the Backbone…

And lastly, the Flourish…
knitting 002

These were really quick to knit.  They each only took a few hours and were fun patterns too.  Also, I was able to use more of that Regia sock yarn that I used to make those mine ornaments for that ornament exchange, remember?


Yeah, this was yarn I got for, like, a dollar and I’ve been able to make 4 gifts out of it.  And, I still have 3 more skeins of it, so I plan to make an awesome pair of socks for myself after the holidays.  I’m really interested to see how the striping works out in socks.  I might even have enough left in this one skein to make D a pair of socks.

I have sent out a request in the Traveling Scarf Group and the RAK group on Ravelry for socks for D.  You see, she has really fat feet.  So fat, in fact, that I am having a devil of a time finding shoes that fit.  I know that there are great companies that make shoes for chunky little ones, but I don’t have the kind of cash to get them, especially since their feet grow so fast.  So, I thought that maybe some of my online knitting friends could maybe knit up a pair or two for her.  I thought this month would be perfect for it, since Christmas is nearly here, and her first birthday is three days after that.  I don’t care what yarn they are made out of, color, weight, or fiber is not important.  Just some warm socks are all that’s needed.  If you think you’d like to donate a pair, let me know and I’ll pass along my address.

One more thing. T insists on me giving her my left over peices of yarn after I weave the ends and such. She calls it her yarn for kntting. Anyway, as I was taking pictures of the bookmarks, she asked me to take one of her yarn. So, I’ll leave you with that…
knitting 006


2 Responses to “An Apple For Teacher…”

  1. JC Says:

    *grins* I used to do the same thing with my grandma. I’d get all the ends and make nests for dolls or other things with them. Those bookmarks look like a good idea! I’d think they’d also be a good way to learn new skills… which I’m always thinking of for my own beginning knitting skills.

  2. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Hee! I suppose she could stuff little pillows for her dolls with the ends. That’s funny.

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