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I.Got.NORO!!!!! December 8, 2008

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K, for the last several months, I have been spending a lot of time reading knit blogs, listening to knit podcasts, and spending time on Ravelry.  There seems to be a few yarns that nearly everyone will agree are fabulous.  Well, being a little on the po’ side, I’ve not been able to indulge in these wonderful yarns…until today!

My LYS decided to have a Black Friday sale.  We are not going to bring up the fact that they had it a week after Black Friday and had it on Saturday and Sunday, but focus on the sale itself.  They said that any yarn that you could find that had black or grey in it would be 30% off.  Well, I immediately went to the Noro counter and started searching.  Want to see what I found?

 knitting 007

Yup, that’s Noro!  Of my very own!  In colors 188 and 92.  I saw 188 (the purple one) knit up on Ravelry and I’m hoping that the knitter just didn’t take a good picture, cause it looked a bit bland.  In person, the purples and greens look very pretty.  And the 92 has just all kinds of pretty, slightly muted rainbow colors.  There were other colors that I would have rather had, but these two had the black in them, so I will gratefully take them at 30% and see if I like Noro as much as the knitting world does.
knitting 005

 knitting 002

Something else I got on the Black Friday sale was some Second Chance Cotton.  I’ve been eyeing this stuff for a while too.  It’s been in the sale bins for a while, but was first only 30% off, then 40%, and, finally, 50%!  And, I got three different colorways with grey in them!  That means 50% off and then another 30%!  I love my LYS shop owners!  They are very, very generous to me.  I think part of it is because they know I don’t have a lot of cash and partly because they know I really appreciate all the yarn and will use it. 

The Second Chance is doubly cool because it’s recycled cotton!  So, I’m helping the environment while making totally adorable socks!  It’s a sport weight, so these will be house socks, but I’ve been wanting a pair of house socks in sport weight ever since I made Texas Uncle’s socks last month.  I got enough yarn to make some for me, Ron and my mom.  See?
First, Ron’s…
knitting 008

Here’s Mom’s…
knitting 010

And this one is for me…
knitting 012


2 Responses to “I.Got.NORO!!!!!”

  1. JC Says:

    I just got some Noro sock yarn, and I”m looking forward to using it, for similar reasons. I don’t get nice stuff like this very often.

  2. […] is 2nd Time Cotton. I don’t know if you remember this post, but I have recently bought some of this yarn. However, the colorway that Turtlegirl sent me is the […]

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