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FO: Simple Mistake Rib Vest December 15, 2008

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Please forgive my less than fabulous photos, but this is what it looks like outside my bedroom window…
knitting 004
Yeah, kinda hard to take good pictures in this weather.

Anyway, I’ve got another item done! This one took me a lot longer than the others simply because I got bored with it. It’s the same stitch all the way around and it works up similar to a scarf in that you do one long piece forever. Up the back and then down one side of the front. Then you go back and pick up the stitches for the other side of the front and work that long boring piece as well. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to only have to sew up the sides and it was mindless knitting; but I would have liked to have a little change up in the stitch here and there. But it looks pretty completed:
knitting 001

I really like how the Claudia Handpainted worked up. The only bad bit was near the top of the front pieces where it pooled a bit because of the number of stitches. Luckily, I didn’t stay at that stitch number for long and it pooled the same on each side so it looks almost on purpose. I really hope she appreciates the truly fantastic yarn:
knitting 003

I used the solid color to do the single crochet around the front edge. (or I should say, a friend it the LYS did. Crochet still makes my head hurt) I really like the way it makes the Claudia pop. I even picked out a fantastic button from my mom’s stash:
knitting 002

Project: Simple Mistake Rib Vest by Karen J. Minott
Yarn: Claudia Handpainted in Turquoise Jeans and Brown Sheep Nature Spun
Needles: Size 7 circulars
Started: October 19, 2008
Completed: December 14, 2008
Mods: None except for changing yarns for the front panels


One Response to “FO: Simple Mistake Rib Vest”

  1. AlpacaYarnCo Says:

    Hi there!!! You’re a winner in the Alpaca Yarn Co “Name That Yarn” contest. Can you get me your address so we can ship your prize? Prize yarn *should* ship on or around December 22, 2008, but with the holidays I don’t want to make any concrete promises just in case we are running a smidge late.
    Thanks so much and YAY!!!!!!!

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