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I Might Need An Intervention… January 13, 2009

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I was reading Turtlegirl76‘s blog this morning and she was showing off the latest pair of socks she’s made.  They’re really nice, you should go look.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…

All done?  I told you they were nice.

Anyway, I posted a comment about how I can never die because I have too many socks left to knit.  Meaning that even if I knit socks until the very end, I’ll still not knit all the ones I want.

Well, that got me thinking.  How much sock yarn do I have in my possesion?  I didn’t figure it could be that much, maybe enough for 8-10 pairs or so.  So, I decided to pull out all the sock yarn and take a gander.

Now, I must tell you before you see all my sock yarn, that 6 months ago I had never knit a sock before.  I didn’t have a single skein of fingering weight yarn and had no real desire to knit tiny things on tiny needles. 

Then I discovered self striping yarn and was hooked.  I’ve always been one for wacky and koocky things and sock yarn is just that.

So I started buying it, and here’s what I’ve managed to amass in the past 6 months:

knitting 001

Treakle is guarding it for me. That’s enough yarn for 32 pairs of adult socks! Now, I totally understand that there are knitters who have more sock yarn, but remember that I’ve gotten all of this in the past 6 months. Let’s round up to 35 to include the socks that I’ve already knit. If I continue to gain 35 pairs worth of sock yarn every 6 months, then in five years, I’ll have 350 pairs worth of socks and yarn! Yeah, that’s a hanging lot, I don’t care who you are!

knitting 003

You might be saying, “But, Cristi, surely you won’t buy as much yarn over the next few years because you won’t find it all on sale like before..and, besides, you have enough, so you’ll be wise and not buy anymore until you knit what you have.” Ha!, I say, Ha! We all know since we almost all do it, that I will contiue to search for sales in order to support my habit; and I will keep buying yarn as often as I can! I peruse over websites and yarn sales constantly yearning for more.

knitting 004

If anything, I’ll probably buy more yarn in the coming months since I’m going to start watching a friend’s little girl 40 hours a week and will be bringing in an extra $500 or so a month. I’ve already told Ron that a portion of that is going to yarn.

knitting 005

As I’m sure you can tell, some of the yarn is better quality than others. I’ve got several skeins from Michael’s that I probably won’t buy again, mainly because they only have about 12 different colorways and once I knit them, I doubt I’ll want to knit the same colors again. So, if anything, my stash is going to get better. Also, I have all those skeins of Opal that are the same colorway, and, as much as Ron would like me to knit him a sweater out of it, (is he flippin’ nuts?!) I’ll probably only use one or two of them and use the rest for RAKs or enabling new sock knitters to join the dark side.

knitting 006

So, if’n anyone wants to help be an enabler, feel free to pass unwanted skeins of sock yarn my way. I promise to give it a good home and love it forever. Or, if someone wants to swap a skein for that Opal I have so much of, I’d be willing to do that too.

knitting 001>

That’s a beautiful sight, I don’t care who you are.


5 Responses to “I Might Need An Intervention…”

  1. trillian42 Says:

    Wow. You are a braver woman than I. No way would I willingly tally up all the sock yarn in my stash. 😀

  2. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Hehehe I did the same thing once I started knitting socks. Right down to the self striping! I’ve destashed nearly all of it since i discovered my love for a nice pattern stitch.

  3. Dee Says:

    I just counted up my sock yarn…enough for 8 or 9 pairs….
    really :). And the Red Heart aloe yarn really knits up nice! I made my daughter’s each a pair, one in the color you have. They love them…

    Stash on!

  4. KnittySue Says:

    OH SO YUMMY…that is a beautiful and bountiful bunch of yarn…I’m green with envy.
    Thanks for’ll never have cold feet.

  5. beverly Says:

    this still does not move me to knit socks. for this, i am grateful. however, after my yarn giveaway contest in november, i am glad to say i have not only replaced the amount of yarn i have given away; it has involved itself in drunken orgies while i was not looking and has actually multiplied.

    and not one skein is sock yarn.

    (I’m not sure they were really drunk…that part was for dramatic purposes.)

    so, we are still soul sisters in the stash department.

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