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Will Someone Remind God It’s January? January 14, 2009

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Please don’t think I’m being blasphemous, I’m not.  But, here we are in the middle of January, and it’s 80 degrees outside.  I realize that this is California, but come on!

My WIPs aren’t all that much this week.  The girls have been sick, and when they are sick, I don’t get to knit.  First, we have my TOFUtsies sock.

knitting 002

As you can see, I’ve turned the heel on it and I think the two colors really compliment each other. I’ve got a few holes in the join, but I’m confident I can close those when I weave the ends in.

knitting 004

You can see, though, that’s it’s a little bit loose. I cast on my regular amount of stitches, but I guess this yarn has a bit more give. I’m bringing the count down in the foot to compensate.

Next, I’m making a third felted bag out of this stuff:

Knitting 008

Now, my original plan was to knit several Lopi Totes in different sizes to use as project bags. But, since David got me this bag for Christmas,

knitting 001

I’m finding the need for other bags obsolete. But, simce I have the yarn just sitting there in my stash, I decided to make this into a diaper bag-like bag. One for keeping in the car and keeping diapers, snacks and toys for the little one in. And it’ll look so good that if I need to bring it inside, I can be proud of it. I’m still using the basic Lopi Tote pattern, but I’m adding handles on instead of knitting them in.

So far, all I’ve got is handles…

knitting 003

Now, hopefully next Wednesday I’ll have totally new WIPs to show off. f these take me longer than a week, I might have to turn in my needles.


2 Responses to “Will Someone Remind God It’s January?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    HellOOOO? God? Er… Sir? The temperature thingee… it’s umm… stuck on hot… could you…? Oh? Oh, I see.

    Um, he says he’s working on it.

    Nice socks, BTW.

  2. Jen Says:

    Ha! I have that same bag and it makes a great diaper bag.
    Very nice socks!

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