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I Almost Forgot! February 26, 2009

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I can’t believe I almost missed Wednesday WIP!

Let’s see, what have I got? I’m sure you will all miss the Noro socks, since you’ve seen them every week for a while. I’ll try to fill the void with these:

knitting 007

I know, they’re not Noro. They’re actually Patons that I got for Christmas. The yarn is stretchy which is strange. I’m making them for a gentleman friend. They’ll just be plain stockinette, which I know isn’t too exciting, but I needed to start them becasue they have to be done in time to be gifted with the scarf I’m making. The scarf is going to the gentleman’s wife.
Speaking of the scarf…(yes, this is the infamous scarf)

knitting 008

I’m really enjoying the knitting of this; which is strange because I usually hate knitting scarves. Maybe it’s interesting becasue of all the drama involved. As I said on my earlier post, I’ve just finished the 7th pattern repeat. There are 19 total. I stopped using the beads after round 6 because I felt it was getting too heavy and the beads would catch her hair around her neck. So I’ll do the next 7 repeats without beads, and add beads back on the last six. Plus, this way I only had to use one box of beads and was able to exchange the other two boxes I bought for a beautiful skein of Lornas Laces. I think that’s a good deal, don’t you?
It’s a pretty scarf, I think.

knitting 010


FO: Snowdrop Socks February 25, 2009

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Well, I did it. I finally finished the never ending socks. I am triumphant.

I guess they really weren’t never ending.  In all honesty, they only took 2 months. But, two months for a pair of socks seems like forever.

Here they are.

knitting 002

(Please excuse the lone Cheerio on the table)

Cute, huh? With the exception of the black, I love the colors of this yarn. (I’m not partial to black) I enjoyed knitting with the yarn too. Noro, while it feels really rough on the skein, feels good knit up. They’re still not soft, but I haven’t washed them yet. I’ve been told that a washing will soften the yarn up quite a bit. But, even if they don’t get any softer, I really like the way the yarn knit up.

knitting 003

I knit these exactly as the pattern called. I did that because I want to experience all different toes and heels so I can accurately pick my favorite. Keeping that in mind, I have come to this conclusion, I dislike the heel on this sock. It’s a short row, but it uses a wrap and turn and I rather like the k2tog version better. But, I really like the toe and I think that it has become my go to toe up technique for my non-pattern socks. It uses the Turkish Method and I love it, very simple and easy to remember.

Another thing that I learned is that I don’t particularly care for socks that have a lace pattern that goes all the way down the foot. I think that in the future I will just keep my feet in stockinette…at least when making socks for myself. I like the way stockinette looks better, and I love the way it feels. This way I can be sure to get my socks as tight in the foot as I want. I hate loose socks.

knitting 004

(Ah, a baby hand…the reason for the lone Cheerio)

All in all, I’m happy with the socks. They fit the best of the ones I’ve made for myself and they are pretty. Also, I can be proud to show of the pretty lace pattern.

Project: Snowdrop Socks by Sara Morris
Yarn:Noro Kureyon Sock Color S92
Needles: Addi Turbos (LOVE them) size 2 magic loop
Date Started: December 19, 2008
Date Completed: February 20, 2009
Mods: None


***Abrupt Change of Subject***

I wanted to give you guys an update on the story about the beaded scarf class teacher.  Apparently, she called the store the next day to apologize.  She also asked Sandra to give her all of our phone numbers so that she could apologize personally.  Thankfully, Sandra did not give her our numbers.  And, apparently, the apology she gave was very similar to the one she gave for being late.  She basically said that if Sandra hadn’t gotten the idea wrong and had understood that the teacher was coming to teach beginning lace only, then there wouldn’t have been a problem. 

Man, some people just don’t get it.

Also, I’m 7 repeats into the 19 repeat pattern so far.  And, guess what?  I’ve found 3 knots already!  I’m sorry, but if I’m going to spend $32 on a single skein of yarn, I would expect to find pristine yarn.  Maybe that’s just me.

So far, not all that impressed with this yarn company.  I do like the pattern, though.


Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One… February 21, 2009

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Let me tell you a story.

It’s a story about what happened to me at the yarn store last  week end.

It’s a story about my most recent WIP

It’s a story of betrayal, political intrigue, love, and, of course, yarn.

So sit back, grab you glass and read my story…


My LYS is my favorite place to be.  I go there every Sunday afternoon almost without fail.  The girls go to my folk’s and Ron employs himself elsewhere from the hours of 1-4.  This is my one day a week to knit with grown ups, to knit with people who like to knit and like to talk about knitting, to knit with people who understand the sheer joy I got when I received my new Knitpicks Harmonys.  These are my people.  I love these people.


My LYS gives classes, as I’m sure does every other LYS in the country.  I’ve never taken said classes before and I haven’t for very simple reasons.  1) The classes tend to run $25 alone and then you add on the price of the yarn.  I normally do not have these funds, especially since the yarn used is never the yarn on sale.  2)The classes normally are on things that I already know, can figure out myself, or are making things I don’t want to make.  I think the class idea is awesome, and, if it weren’t for the costs, I’d probably take them anyway, even if I already know how, just for the camaraderie.

Well, recently, the owner passed around a pattern for the newest class; a beaded lace scarf.  The scarf in the picture was beautiful, I’ll admit that.  But the yarn and beads were going to run close to $50 and the class was $25.  There was no way I was going to be able to swing that.  So, even though many of my friends were signing up, I put the class out of my mind.  I wouldn’t have worn the scarf anyway.

Cut to a few days later, when I stopped in the the store to say hi.  The owner told me she had something for me and handed me an envelope that had $25 from my “secret pal”.  Apparently, one of the gals had seen my interest in the class and had paid for me.  Wow!  I was really taken aback.  I guess I was gonna take a scarf class. 

I picked out the yarn and beads I wanted them to order (none in stock) and waited for a few weeks for class day.  Now, I need to point out that the pattern is for a beaded scarf, in the picture is a beaded scarf, we were all expecting to make a beaded scarf.  Got that?  Beaded scarf.  K, I’ll move on.

The class was to start at 12:30.  The teacher was coming a ways away, and was concerned about having enough time to do the class and get back home before a storm hit.  She even almost cancelled the day before because of fear of the storm.  In an effort to sooth her, we all beaded our yarn, cast on and did the first three rows.(garter stitch rows)  And then we waited for her arrival.

I should also state that the owner had come up to us and said the that teacher was worried about the beading part of the pattern, since the beads are put on with yarn overs and it can be tricky.  The owner had assured her that all the people taking the class were advanced knitters and wouldn’t have a problem.  She also told her that if someone should have a problem, that the owner would help that person out; therefore removing the responsitbility from the teacher.

As I stated, the class was to start at 12:30, most of us got there at noon, (when the store opened)so that we would be all set and ready to go the minute she walked in the door.  At around 1:15, she finally pulled up.  She came in and didn’t even hardly mention the fact that she was late except to say traffic was worse than she had expected.  This wasn’t an apology, mind you, just a statement of fact.

I’m sorry, but that was strike one in my book.  First off, if I’m going to be 45 minutes late for an appointment, I’m for sure going to be calling on my way and letting the people know that I’m still coming and not dead on the road somewhere.  And, to the argument that it’s illegal to talk on your cell while driving; there are headsets or speaker phone so you could get out a 15 second call.  Heck, I’d even have stopped on the side of the road to make the call if you’re so worried about getting a ticket.  

And then, when I did finally make it to my destination, I would walk in spewing apologies for making everyone wait on me.  But, hey, that’s just me.  I’m considerate that way.

So, she walks in, looks at our beaded yarn and sighs.  Then she proceeds to tell us that she did not come here to teach us the beads, that she came here to teach us how to make a lace scarf and read a chart, how she told Sandra (the owner)this and how Sandra knew that, and how she will NOT be waiting on anyone who drags behind because they can’t figure out how to do the beads.  

When we explained to her that we had all already done chart and lace projects before and that we really didn’t need help with that, she then stated she didn’t know what she was going to teach us then.

That’s when I said that, in that case, she could teach us the beads.  I thought it made sense.  I mean, she has 2 hours to teach a class, we all know how to do everything but the beading, so it figures that she’d spend 2 hours teaching us the beads.  That makes sense, right?

Apparently not.

She let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she would NOT be teaching the beads.  Then she got up and talked to Sandra.

When she came back she said that we could do the beads and she’d help us, but, again, if anyone fell behind, they were SOL.  Sandra came and reiterated that we were all very competent knitters and it shouldn’t be a problem.

So, we got started.  The first row (after garter stitch) was to place the markers.  We did that and then, after knitting 4 on the second row, we were supposed to place 3 beads in a yarn over.  One of the gals asked innocently if we were to put the beads on the front or back of the yarn over.

Bad question.

That got us another 5 minutes of her telling how she didn’t come here to teach beads, and this is why she doesn’t like the beads, and she explained all this to Sandra, and she came all this way………

At this point, two gals got up and left, saying they weren’t paying $25 for a lecture.

So, we stopped asking questions and just worked on it, trying to figure it out ourselves.  After a few minutes, the teacher asked how we were doing.  No one spoke up.  She then asked another gal, Sharon,  if she was placing the beads right.  Sharon let the teacher know that she didn’t know if she was doing it right, because the teacher wasn’t teaching her.  But that she was trying to figure it out.

This is when the teacher got up to talk to Sandra again, and then left.  She said that she was leaving because we didn’t need her help and that the storm was coming and she had a long drive home.  We all think that she didn’t know how to do the beads, or at least didn’t know how to teach the beads.  That’s the only thing that would explain why she would forfiet the $175 she would have gotten from teaching the class.  Not to mention the gas money and the sales she lost on the yarn she had brought.  (No one wanted to buy her stinkin’ yarn by that point)

After she left, we all went back to our scarves.  Sandra helped us out and we helped each other.  After an hour, we were all pretty much going ok on them.  We all had to frog a couple of times, but I managed to finish 1 full reapeat of the 13 row pattern before I left.

I just can’t get over that lady.  How childish, how unproffessional.  She was there representing her yarn company.  (The pattern was their pattern written for their yarn) I mean, really?  What makes her think I want to buy that yarn again?  I can get the same quality yarn from a company that has employees who respect me a treat me like an adult. 

It was one of those times when you can’t believe what is happening is happening in real life.

Oh, and in case you wondered.  I found out who had donated the cash so I could take the class.  I wanted to return it since I didn’t use it.  She refused to take it and said to put it toward the yarn.  So, that’s what I did.


<— Insert Clever Title Here February 18, 2009

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My brain’s a bit mushy this morning. It could be because I’m watching the American Idol episode I TIVO’d last night.

But on to the WIPs!!! First, the socks…the never ending socks.

knitting 003

I know that if I could just have a few hours of uninterupted knitting, I could finish these socks. Problem is, I never seem to get that. I keep working on them, doing a row here and there.
I would have the time, but other projects keep pushing their way in. This is where being a selfish knitter would be good for me. Then I would finish my socks first and then work on the other stuff wearing my totally awesome socks. As it is, I keep putting them aside to finish up others.

What others, you might ask? Well, there’s been a baby born in my MOPs group. So I’m putting together a few booties for the baby in totally garish colors, see?

knitting 005

I warned you the colors were garish. Want to know why I chose those colors instead of baby girl pink? It’s simple. I’ve had two baby girls. Both times, when I had my baby showers, I recieved a ridiculous amount of baby girl pink items. I’ve grown to dislike that particular color, especially for baby girls. So, I’ve promised myself that I would do the opposite of baby girl pink in my baby gifts. Unless I’m asked for the pink, of course. I figure I’d put these socks on D, so the other mommy might too.

My other WIP is the sweater that I’m finishing for my friend.

knitting 001

As you can see, I’ve got the sleeves finished, and am working on the last front panel.

knitting 002

I don’t know how well you can see in that picture, but I have a few more inches ands then I will start the armhole and neck shaping. And then I just have to put it all together and do the collar. I’m hoping to get all but the collar done by this weekend. I’ve got a few days left, I should make it.

Some of you might be thinking that I had already done the entire left front panel. You’re right, I did, but my knitting was looser than hers, so I ripped it out. I’m doing the right panel in a size smaller needle and I will do the shaping of both panels together. I’ll be glad when this thing is done. I don’t like the feel of the yarn.

Well, that’s it. Actually, I have one more WIP, but I’m saving that for it’s own post probably tomorrow because I’ve got to tell you a story about it.


I Heart Knitpicks! February 14, 2009

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Why, you ask?

Well, look what I got in the mail yesterday!!!

knitting 001

My wool sampler. The picture does not even come close to doing justice to how pretty the blues are. We’ve got Swish DK in Tidepool Heather, Swish Worsted in Marine Heather (my personal favorite), Merino Style in Dusk, and Swish Bulky in Marlin. Plus a pattern to go with each skein so that I can see how they knit up. Genius idea!

knitting 003

Next, we have the book I picked, Continuous Cables by Melissa Leapman. I saw this book highlighted on a blog (forgive me, I can’t remember which one) and I’ve wanted it ever since. I love the patterns, I love the complexity, I just love the book. And, as a bonus, there is a cable dictionary in the back filled with a plethora of different cabels you can add to your own pattern! I love that!

knitting 004

But, of course, what I was really waiting for it the needles!!!!! The Harmony Options set is so beautiful! It comes with needle tips size 4-11 and two each of 24′ and 32′ cables. It also came with a little bag to carry in all in, 8 end caps, 2 keys, and a vinyl case for the cables. I love, love LOVE it!!! I can’t wait to use them.

knitting 006

I can’t get over how generous Knitpicks was to offer such a great prize for their contest! And, since the second place person came in a mere 9 minutes after me, they gave her a wool yarn sampler too! How awesome is that!

knitting 009

I’m telling ya, Knitpicks has a customer for life!!!


Don’t Say It February 11, 2009

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I know that my WIP reports lately have been a little redundant. I’ve been dealing with sick kids, a sick husband, and a sick self. Not to mention that Hemlock throw I did. And, Ron has asked that I not knit so much during our time together. I think he’s feeling a little ignored. So, I’m trying to only knit a little everyday and it’s not easy. I still look over at my knitting bag longingly.

Plus, there are two babies coming and I must knit for them.

Well, I can’t focus on that. I must finish my Noro socks first. I feel like I’ve been working on these for a year! Well, in all honesty, I have been knitting them since last year. I started them the week after Christmas. Anyway, here they are…

knitting 002

I’m so close, I’ve just got a few inches of the leg left and then I’ll be done! I’m very excited because these sock fit so well! I shortened the second foot by about a quarter of an inch and it feels even better than the first. It’ll be nice to be able to show these off.

Oh, and look what I discovered.

knitting 004

See that? There’s a whole other color sequence in there! At first I thought I’d add on to the socks for me and make them taller, but I actually think I’m going to us it to make some awesome mismatched socks for one of the girls. I think probably T. She’d totally dig socks like that. And, since she’s a sock person, (she wears socks 24/7) I’ll have to fight her to get them off.

*Change Of Subject*

Look what I got as a surpirse RAK!!!

knitting 005

Squee!!!! Wait, did you get a look at that ball band?

knitting 006

That’s right, folks! I got Socks That Rock! I’m very, very excited! The colorway is Flower Power, which is just downright perfect for me. I”m very seriously considering putting everything else on hold so that I can knit these socks. I just need a really good pattern. Anyone have any ideas?

knitting 007

Oh my, but it’s pretty, huh?


A Birthday Party for Delaney February 9, 2009

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Yes, I realize that her birthday was over a month ago.  But have you ever tried to get people to come to a party three days after Christmas?  Yeah, that party would have been empty.

So, we had her party a few weeks ago. It was still a modest affair, just some friends and family.  Compared to T’s 1st birthday party, where we invited EVERYONE. You learn things from your first child that you definately put into practice with your second. Ron and I have already apologized to T for the fact that she will spend her life being a guinea pig, but, since Ron and I are both first children too, we told her she’s just gonna hafta suck it up. She’ll be all the stronger for it.

But, I digress, back to the party. D had a grand ol’ time. My favorite part was the eating of the cake, so I will start my commentary from that point.

knitting 002

Imagine if you will, a small cake, looking forward to the day when she can make someone’s birthday a special one.

the girls 019

Imagine also a small, innocent child, uncertain as to why all these people are all over the house and wondering why mommy put that big, pretty thing on her tray.

Things started out slow. It took D a while before she realized that she wasn’t going to get in trouble for messing with the cake. She tested the waters, if you will. Taking a few tentative pokes and prods. At one point, she tested to see how well the frosting would double as hair gel.

knitting 002

Then she got braver and went at the thing full force.

*Warning! There are some graphic photos to follow!*

knitting 001
knitting 004
knitting 003
knitting 005
knitting 006
knitting 007

Oh, the carnage!!!

knitting 010
knitting 009

Funny thing was, she really didn’t eat much of the cake, she just demolished it.

I’m coming for you next!

knitting 008