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Don’t Say It February 11, 2009

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I know that my WIP reports lately have been a little redundant. I’ve been dealing with sick kids, a sick husband, and a sick self. Not to mention that Hemlock throw I did. And, Ron has asked that I not knit so much during our time together. I think he’s feeling a little ignored. So, I’m trying to only knit a little everyday and it’s not easy. I still look over at my knitting bag longingly.

Plus, there are two babies coming and I must knit for them.

Well, I can’t focus on that. I must finish my Noro socks first. I feel like I’ve been working on these for a year! Well, in all honesty, I have been knitting them since last year. I started them the week after Christmas. Anyway, here they are…

knitting 002

I’m so close, I’ve just got a few inches of the leg left and then I’ll be done! I’m very excited because these sock fit so well! I shortened the second foot by about a quarter of an inch and it feels even better than the first. It’ll be nice to be able to show these off.

Oh, and look what I discovered.

knitting 004

See that? There’s a whole other color sequence in there! At first I thought I’d add on to the socks for me and make them taller, but I actually think I’m going to us it to make some awesome mismatched socks for one of the girls. I think probably T. She’d totally dig socks like that. And, since she’s a sock person, (she wears socks 24/7) I’ll have to fight her to get them off.

*Change Of Subject*

Look what I got as a surpirse RAK!!!

knitting 005

Squee!!!! Wait, did you get a look at that ball band?

knitting 006

That’s right, folks! I got Socks That Rock! I’m very, very excited! The colorway is Flower Power, which is just downright perfect for me. I”m very seriously considering putting everything else on hold so that I can knit these socks. I just need a really good pattern. Anyone have any ideas?

knitting 007

Oh my, but it’s pretty, huh?


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