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I Almost Forgot! February 26, 2009

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I can’t believe I almost missed Wednesday WIP!

Let’s see, what have I got? I’m sure you will all miss the Noro socks, since you’ve seen them every week for a while. I’ll try to fill the void with these:

knitting 007

I know, they’re not Noro. They’re actually Patons that I got for Christmas. The yarn is stretchy which is strange. I’m making them for a gentleman friend. They’ll just be plain stockinette, which I know isn’t too exciting, but I needed to start them becasue they have to be done in time to be gifted with the scarf I’m making. The scarf is going to the gentleman’s wife.
Speaking of the scarf…(yes, this is the infamous scarf)

knitting 008

I’m really enjoying the knitting of this; which is strange because I usually hate knitting scarves. Maybe it’s interesting becasue of all the drama involved. As I said on my earlier post, I’ve just finished the 7th pattern repeat. There are 19 total. I stopped using the beads after round 6 because I felt it was getting too heavy and the beads would catch her hair around her neck. So I’ll do the next 7 repeats without beads, and add beads back on the last six. Plus, this way I only had to use one box of beads and was able to exchange the other two boxes I bought for a beautiful skein of Lornas Laces. I think that’s a good deal, don’t you?
It’s a pretty scarf, I think.

knitting 010


2 Responses to “I Almost Forgot!”

  1. Maegan Says:

    The scarf is gorgeous. The beads look stunning. Love reading this blog, I started knitting again after having my first child and now with 2 kids under 2 it is my passion. I have a long way to go with the more difficult things and love seeing what amazing creations you make.

  2. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Ooh that scarf is pretty though. It looks like it’ll be worth all the BS. But don’t let on to that wench of a “teacher”.

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