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FO: Cinnamon Sweater March 2, 2009

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First off, I must apologize for the pathetic picture of this sweater. I had planned on getting some photos of the gal wearing said sweater, but she is in Chicago for a while, and her sister shipped the sweater off to her. But, anyway, here it is:

knitting 002

Not too shabby, huh? If you will recall, this was given to me partially done with the request that I finish it. The gal who started it has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and found she couldn’t keep track of the decreases. Since both she and her sister are rockin’ awesome people, I was more than happy to do it.
I took stock of what was done and set in. What I found was a back complete, but done in the large size and the two front panels finished up to the armhole decreases, but done in the small size. She is a petite woman with a large bust and thought that doing the two sizes like that would help it fit better. I also discovered upon closer inspection that one of the front panels was actually done in the medium size. So, I ripped that out and started it again. I also did both of the sleeves. Since she knits a bit tighter than me, I went down a needles size and that seemed to make it match up pretty well. (thanks for the tip, ladies!) Once I got all the pieces knit, it was smooth sailing. The sewing up was easy, if a little tedious. (Don’t care much for sewing) And I really enjoyed doing the short rows on the collar.
All in all, a good experience and a satisfying project. I hope she will be happy with it.

Project: Cinnamon by Kim Hargreaves
Yarn:Rowan Summer Tweed
Needles: Size 7 circulars
Date Started(received): January 22, 2009
Date Completed: February 24, 2009
Mods: See above

As I said, since the gals are my friends, I was happy to finish up the sweater for free. The sister, however, understands how much work goes into a project and gave me $50 for the work. Yay!!! When I showed the money to Ron he told me that I should use it for yarn, that I had earned it and should be able to spend it as I please. Double yay!!! (isn’t he a good husband?)

So, I went to the knit store and shopped. Turns out this was to best weekend for it, as they were having a 30% the entire store sale! I made out pretty well, I must say. I got some Trekking that I’ve never used, but heard good things about. It’s 459 yards of sockie goodness in the Feuerland colorway. (can we all say knee socks?) They also had it in blues and blacks, but the reds and browns were just calling to me. Also, I got some Mountain Colors Barefoot in the Yellowstone colorway. For a while there, I was trying to choose between the two, but I had to give in and get both. I’m very glad I did, as both these yarns are yummy! Then, I got some Cascade Sassy stripes from the 40% sale bin. I only got one of each because I’m looking to make a few plain ankle socks to wear in the summer. I’m really an ankle sock girl.  All told, it came to $50.12, I couldn’t have gotten much better!

0302090904[1] (2)

I had planned on a pretty picture, but Ron took the camera to work with him. So you’ll have to deal with a crappy cell phone pic. (What did we ever do without cell phones?)

Speaking of pictures, I’ve got to share this with you. Recently, we’ve been trying the “cry it out” tactic with D. Basically, this means I put her down for her naps awake, but sleepy, and let her teach herself to go to sleep. (T was totally going to sleep on her own well before this age) Sometimes it only takes a minute or two of crying and she’s out, sometimes a little bit more. Everytime, though, she falls asleep like this:

knitting 001

Can you see that? Yeah, she’s folded in half. Here’s a better view…

knitting 002

Every single time, I tell you! And she’ll sleep her whole nap that way! I guess it’s comfortable for her, but, man, it makes my back hurt just looking at her!

****Total Change of subject with out proper segue!!****

I wanted to let all of you know that I won my lawsuit!!!! If you didn’t know, I was being sued for a bill from when T was born, over 4 years ago. She spent 2 weeks in the NICU and the doctor that saw her there billed my insurance wrong. Since we had double insurance at the time, T’s birth was covered at 100%. Well, it is if you bill it right!

They didn’t and, instead of contacting me in a timely manner to ask for my help, they waited until T was a year and a half! That’s just blatantly irresponsible. But I tried to help get it paid. I called the insurance company, who didn’t have me in the system anymore since my company had changed insurance a month after T was born. I called my company, which was awkward since I just left when T was born. But no one was going to pay this bill by that point. When I told the doctor’s office this, they said I had to pay it. I told them no. It was a $4000 bill! I didn’t have that money, and I didn’t feel I should have to pay it. So I didn’t…and they sent me to collections. (doodieeads!) When the collection agents called, I told them the story of how I shouldn’t have to pay the bill. They basically told me bummer. I still refused to pay and, after a year or so, they sued me. (BIG doodieheads!!) I couldn’t afford a lawyer, so I found a pro-per guy who helped me file the correct paperwork and coached me on what to say in court. He confirmed that I didn’t owe this money and swore that I would get off. Well he was right! This is how I won:

Let’s put aside that fact that I had double insurance, that the thing was billed wrong, and that they have a responsibility to let me know in a timely manner that they are having a problem getting paid by the insurance. I would have won for all those reasons, but let’s put that aside and see why I really won.

In the lawsuit, they stated they had a contract signed by me stating that I agreed to pay the bill.

They didn’t have a contract.

They were lying.

I called them on it.

They had to concede me the winner!

Sometimes the system works. Of course, I’ll never see the money I had to put into filing the paperwork, and I’ll never get compensated for the 3 YEARS of sleepless nights and worry. But, at least the thing is gone and won’t bother me again.

Praise the Lord!


2 Responses to “FO: Cinnamon Sweater”

  1. Chris Says:

    We say the same thing about the dog when we see him curled up in unusual positions. The girls pretty much slept in normal positions. We tried the cry it out with Elder. She would end up throwing up! Younger came along and was 100% different. When it was time to go out, she went out. No muss, no fuss.

    You did good on the sweater and the shopping!

  2. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Yay! Glad to hear you won your suit! That’s a relief!

    The sweater turned out great. I”m sure the recipient is thrilled to have her sweater! I know I would be. Mmm…Summer Tweed.

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