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W is for Wah, wah, WIP March 4, 2009

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We’ve been helping T with her alphabet, can you tell?  We actually made some great progress yesterday, she asked me to show her how to write her letters.  So we went through the entire alphabet.  I’d write the letter and then she’d copy.  It was pretty awesome!  I mean, she’s been in preschool since August learning this stuff, but she’s never showed any interest in it.  During writing time, she just “draws”, but this time she was really engaged and enjoying it.  Maybe she’ll do it for the teacher too.


But, that’s not what I came her to talk about.  It’s Wednesday, so bring out your WIPs!

First, the scarf:

knitting 002

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’ve added a few more pattern repeats since last picture. I’m now on round 10 I believe, so about halfway. I really enjoy this knit and would probably be finished with it by now, but there are so manyother things that need knitting, that I have to keep putting it away.

What thing, you ask? Well, these socks for one.

knitting 004

I’d be a lot further on these too, except that I’m apparently a moron when it comes to winding a center pull ball. This yarn is Patons that Uncle got from Michaels and gave to me for Christmas. I figured since I was doing both socks at once, using the center pull would be better than the outside strand like I normally use. I figured it would help keep the skeins from getting all tangled. Problem was, I couldn’t for the life of me find the center pull. So I went online and found out how to wind one myself using my thumb. I did that and cast on my socks. Things were fine for about an inch and a half when a knot formed in the center of one of my center pull balls. I tried to pull the whole thing out so that I could untangle it, but managed to break the yarn instead. So I rewound that center pull ball, reconnected the yarn and kept knitting. Not 10 rows later, I had the same problem. I decided screw it and rewound the yarn into regular balls. Such time wasted just hand winding! If I had a ball winder, I wouldn’t have these issues.

Anyone got one they don’t want?

Anyway, next WIP is this black thing.

knitting 003

I know it doesn’t look like much, but that’s mostly because it isn’t much yet. At my LYS we are knitting helmet liners for the troops. Sandra has a bunch of them up for display in the window. One of the local shop owners saw them and asked if he could buy one. Sandra told him that she’d have one of us knit him one for $30. He aggreed, so she passed the commision on to me.
I’m extremely grateful to Sandra and Kathy, owners of Closeknit. (my LYS) They have, on several occasions, been very generous to me. Whether it be holding yarn in the back for me until payday, giving me a special discount or help for free, or thowing me a few payed knitting gigs to help me bring in some money. They, and all the other gals who hang out at Closeknit, are some of the best peoples I know.

But, I digress. That’s all my WIPs. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I did start and finish 2 projects this past week. One was the 5 hour baby sweater and one was a gift for my last traveling scarf secret swap. Both will have FO posts soon.

***Another Day of Drama in the Life of Cristi***

So, Ron came home yesterday with the announcement that they are closing his plant. (SUCKS!!!) But they are hoping to stay open until the end of the year. (better)But they will be laying people off throughout that time. (double sucks) And, instead of doing their severance package the way they have been, (People stopped working immediately but got paid for 2 more months) they are just going to give you 60 days notice. This means that you have to find a job while you’re still working full time, instead of have a 2 month buffer. (gigantic suck balls)
But, they’re asking people not to quit. (the nerve!) They are even announcing today some incentives to keep people from quitting. I don’t know how they can expect any loyalty from anyone at this point. In the past 6 months, they’ve laid off 82 people of an original 200 employees.
Ron thinks that, since there are several people in his department that were already in the process of finding new jobs even before yesterday’s announcement, that he will be safe from layoff. But, even if that’s true, he’s only got a job for another 9 months or so. And since we’re barely making it now….

I guess I’m on a yarn diet…Unless, of course, you want to donate to the Cristi Needs to Keep Knitting to Keep Her Sanity yarn fund. ;o)

At least I’ve got some sock yarn to last me a little while.

Just keep us in your prayers please.


5 Responses to “W is for Wah, wah, WIP”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    I love my ballwinder, but I”m finding more and more I really just like working from a regular old ball of yarn. It fits in the yarn bowl better. =)

    I’m sorry that Ron’s plant is closing. Hopefully he’ll be able to find something quickly. That “severance” is lame. You need to get out in order to job hunt!

  2. Chris Says:

    I pray things will turn out better than feared.

  3. Dee Says:

    OOH, I want a ball winder so bad. They are rather pricey for my cheapo pocketbook. I saw some online at Joann’ for $20-25 but they had mixed reviews. Half of the people loved them, other half said they were cheap and didn’t work well…so I still wind regular balls or use the ball winder at the LYS.

    Sorry about hubby’s job situation. I am also currently the lone breadwinner and I too am on a yarn diet. Prayers for you and yours flying…

  4. Rachel Says:

    Praying often.

  5. Kookaburra Says:

    The purple-green-yellow-pink yarn you chose for your scarf is beautiful. Best of luck on all your projects! 🙂

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