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Blasted Kids! March 11, 2009

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I think one of my girls got ahold of the camera and ran the battery down. That or Ron did. Either is totally possible. And it doesn’t really matter who did it, the point is I couldn’t take a picture of my WIPs because the batteries are dead and there isn’t a fresh one in the house. So, you get crappy cell phone pics again.

Sorry ’bout dat.

First, the scarf.

downsized_0311091010[1] (2)

It doesn’t look much different than it did last week, but that’s mainly beacsue I’ve only been working on it in Sunday’s at the LYS. I did manage to add another pattern repeat to it, so I think I only have two more to do and then I can start back with the beads for the final 6 repeats. I know that if I just focused on it, I could probably get it done in a couple of days. The reason I haven’t is that I’m afraid if I finish it before I finish the socks, then I’ll drag my feet on the socks and they’ll never get done. That might not make all that much sense, but it works in my brain. So I keep chuggin’ on the socks, hoping to get them done soon.

And, speaking of the socks…

downsized_0311091009[1] (2)

There’s heels in them there socks! I love it once I turn the heel. I can now say that I’m over halfway done! My original plan was to just knit until I ran out of yarn. I had two balls of the yarn, so I figured one ball for each sock would be perfect for a man’s size 10.5 foot. And it might still be. I have to see. Since I’m looking over at my sock stash and longing to cast on a pair for myself, I may stop a little early on these socks. I mean, I’m not making them ankle socks or anything. But, if they start to looking a little long, I may just go ahead and stop without finishing the balls. Who knows, there may not be enough yarn left for this to be a problem.

But you know what the kicker is? I can’t even cast on a pair for myself after I finished these. Mom’s been bugging me for a pair of Negative Tofutsies For My Tootsies. (Basically, the same as my Tofutsies socks, only with the colors switched) She keeps asking when I’m gonna get them started. So, I have to make hers next. (darn it!)

Luckily, though, she only wears a size 6.5 shoes, so her socks won’t take nearly as long.

*sigh* one day I’ll be able to make all the socks for myself that I want. My goal is to have enough handmade socks that I can get rid of all my store bought. That’s why I’ve got several single skeins to make quick ankle socks.

If anyone knows of some super cute ankle sock patterns, let me know, huh?


2 Responses to “Blasted Kids!”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Have a pair for yourself in your purse and a pair for a gift for your sit-down occasional knitting. That’s generally what I do. Though I suppose I should be casting on for that gift pair soon.

  2. dee Says:

    The scarf is beautiful!

    Do you always do toe up 2 at a time socks? I’ve tried but can’t get them cast on. What pattern do you use?

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