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Brand New WIPs March 25, 2009

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This is the first time on over a month that I’ve had a brand new series of WIPs to show you. I tell you, it’s kind of odd finishing all my projects at the same time.

First, I have the shop sample that I’ve been commisioned to make. This is a sort of “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine” type arrangement. The shop needed some sample garments kint up on the new yarns they want to promote. The owners never have much time to knit and the other patrons are busy knitting their own stuff. I needed money and never have the funds to be able to get the pretty new yarns to play with. So, we are helping each other out. It’s working out well.

Anyway, this is being made out of Araucania cotton yarn. It’s a fingering weight, done on 3’s and 4’s, so it’s good that I’m making the small size for the sample. Being a bit of a big girl, I’d hate to think how long it would take to make it in my size. Regardless, here’s all I’ve done so far:

knitting 008

It’s the back panel, and it’s not all that exciting yet. It’s going to be pretty when done, though, I promise. On a side note, I need to learn how to convert patterns that are knit in pieces to patterns that are knit all together in one piece. I’m sure it’s very easy to do, and I almost tried to do it with this one. But, since it’s my first real shop sample, I wanted to do it by the book. For any of you out there that do that sort of thing, do you just do all the shaping like the pattern says with it just one big solid piece, or is there some special stuff you have to do to the pattern?

My next WIP is a bit of a cheat. You may remember that I was complaining that after I finished the taffy socks, I was going to have to make socks for Mom? I was bummed because I wanted to work on some socks for me. Well, when I finished Jerry’s socks, I very diligently pulled out the yarn that I needed for Mom’s…then I realized that I had to get size 1 needles. You see, Mom’s socks will be the negative version of my Tofutsies for my Tootsies and I learned the hard way that that yarn needs to be knit on smaller needles. I know this because I can feel the individual stitches on the bottom of my feet when I wear the socks with shoes.

Well, I don’t have a size 1 needle, at least not a good one. So, while I’m waiting for one to come from Knitpicks, I went ahead and cast on some socks for myself:

knitting 004

You may remember that I’ve bought several single skeins of sale sock yarn with the plan of making myself several pairs of ankle socks. Well, this is the first round. I am, of course, doing them toe up at the same time in order to get the most out of the yarn. I will basically knit until I run out.

But, since these are, in essence, half socks, they will take half the time. I only started them 2 days ago and I’m almost halfway to the heel already. I love quick stuff!


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