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Pardon Me While I Digress… March 30, 2009

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I realize this is a knitting blog, but I ‘ve just got to show you some shots I got of the girls this weekend. You don’t mind, do you?

Didn’t think so.

There is a small nature center not too far from my house and this weekend they had their annual butterfly day. My MIL is pretty involved with the center, so she reminded us to come out. Unfortunately, Ron has school on Saturdays, so it was a girls day out.

I had plans to get all kinds of fantastic pictures to show off to you guys. I dreamed of the amazing shots where everyone would have to comment and say that my girls were the cutest kids they’ve ever seen and wasn’t I a proffesional photographer?

Apparently the girls didn’t get the memo, cause I got bunches of shots like these:

THe girls 007

Yeah, D wasn’t any help either:

THe girls 013
THe girls 022

(I love the second one, though. It’s a perfect papparazzi pic)

I couldn’t even get a proper picture of the zebra!
THe girls 017

(D held that thing the entire day. She didn’t play with it, just held onto it. It was cute.)

I did finally get some somewhat decent shots of them:

THe girls 031
(This picture was taken with me calling out both their names trying to get them to look at me. They decided they needed a reflective photo instead)

THe girls 037

This is probably the best one I got of the two of them together. I got plenty where one or the other is a blur or doing something icky like picking their nose…

I got a few just-a-little-silly shots:

THe girls 030

(She’s driving the boat, in case you can’t tell)
THe girls 025

(Look at those eyelashes!)

Oh, and just in case you worry about the lack of knitting on this glorious day,
THe girls 039

I brought it with me and did manage to knit a few rows. These socks are done now, by the way. I’ve got to wash them and them I’ll show you the pretty pictures.

Somehow, I think that the socks will be a wee bit more cooperative for the photo shoot…


One Response to “Pardon Me While I Digress…”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Well they ARE such cute girls! They’ll be striking poses soon enough!

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