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What Happens On Wednesday? April 1, 2009

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That’s right! WIPs!!!!

This week isn’t all that spectacular, sorry about that.

I’m still working on the shop sample:

knitting 001

And it’s doesn’t look too much different, huh? But, if you look at the tape measure…

knitting 003

…you’ll see that I’ve got about 6 inches done. I’ve got to continue in stockinette until I get 9.75 inches and then I can finally change to a different stitch. While I love the way plain stockinette looks, it can get mighty boring knitting it up.

My other WIP is a little bit of a story. I go to a knitting group once a month at a Panera Bread. One of the employees there noticed us knitting there and asked a favor. Her mom was a knitter, but had passed away before finishing her last project. She asked if any of us would be willing to finish it so she could keep it to remember her mom by. I, of course, told her I’d be happy to.

knitting 005

If you can’t tell, it’s a baby sweater. It was mostly done when I got it. The body, done in one piece, had only a few rows left. I had to knit the sleeves, but since they were only 6.5 inches total, that didn’t take long. I just have to sew up the last sleeve and do the button band and it’ll be finished.

There were three balls of yarn in the bag, so I think that she meant to do the matching bonnet and booties as well. If I get the sweater done in time, I may try to do those too. I only have until Saturday, so I have to hurry. If I don’t give it back on Saturday, then I have to wait a whole other month when the group meets again. And, since I’ve already had the thing for 2 months, I really need to give it back.

There were some errors in the knitting, and I was going to rip it all back on fix it. But someone at my LYS brought up a good point. She said that the errors should stay because those are errors that the mom made and her daughter should be able to enjoy her mom’s knitting as much as possible, flaws and all. Since I would have had to rip out most of the sweater to fix them, I agreed.

So, that’s it for WIPs. Some of you may have noticed there are no socks in the WIPs today. That’s because I really need to get both of these done first. I”m going to try to use willpower and not cast on anything else until I get these done. Honestly, if I just work on the shop sample for a week, I could probably get it done by next weekend. The sleeves are only 4 inches and the front is fairly simple. There’s really no excuse. And then I can make socks without feeling guilty!

I’ve also decided that, after I get these two done, I’m going to focus on my other hibernating WIPs. I don’t have that many, really, not compared to some of you. ;o) I have a baby blanket that I’m hoping to be able to give to the baby on his first birthday in June, and a sweater that I started for T last Summer.

And, even though I’ve not started them yet, I really need to make a pair of socks for T. She has been asking me to for a few months. Everytime I finish a pair and show her, she says, “For me?” When I tell her no, she looks so dejected.

I’m such a bad mom…

Oh well, no time to get down on myself, I’ve got knitting to do!


2 Responses to “What Happens On Wednesday?”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    That’s awesome of you to do! I have an afghan I need to get put together and a panel knit for someone. Same story. *sigh*

  2. Erin Says:

    Would that baby who has a birthday in June, happen to be mine? 🙂

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