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I Got Something Fun In The Mail! April 21, 2009

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Some of you may know that I”m obsessed with sock clubs. I desperately want to be in one, yet I’m po’, so I can’t.

Very frustrating.

I’ve researched several to decide which one I’m joining when I become independantly wealthy. There are two I’ve chosen to be my favorites, the Loopy Ewe and Socks That Rocks.

In a moment of insanity, I put my name in for the lottery for the Loopy Ewe’s club last December. I knew that if I got chosen, I would have a hard time paying for it, but I couldn’t help myself.

Well, I needn’t have worried, I didn’t get chosen. In the nice rejection email I got, however, I learned that they would have a special one time package for all of us rejectees. The email said the package would be available in Spring and to look out for it.

I decided that come hell or high water, I was to have that package. It was some severance for being such a loser that I can’t join a club properly. This past week the email came, and I immediately ordered my package. Shipping was fast, and on Saturday, I was the proud owner of this:

knitting 001

The tote was a freebie and I lurve it! There’s also a Loopy For Socks pen there in the corner.

knitting 002

This pattern is by Wendy of WendyKnits and I’m very excited to knit it up. love Wendy’s socks, so I know this will give me great pleasure.

What about the yarn, you ask? Well, it’s Hand Maiden.

knitting 005

The colorway is called Casbah and I think it’s wonderful! I’m not really drawn to dark colors, so I know that this is something I probably would have passed up at the yarn store. But, I’m so glad I have it! See, another bonus of sock clubs. You get exposed to colors you’d nomally not buy and get to expand your stash!

knitting 006

It will probably be a little while before I get to knit these sock, though. I still haven’t knit the Alpaca Yarn Company’s Frog and Piggy, and I got that last year!

Oh, so many socks, so little time!


2 Responses to “I Got Something Fun In The Mail!”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Oooh what a great package! So pretty!

  2. puggerhugger Says:

    I want to join up with the yarnpirate. Yar! I have no idea how though. So you are liking the dark yarn yet?

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