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Closeknit Is Closed. *Sigh* May 26, 2009

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Well, it’s over, the yarn store is no more.  As of 4:00 pm on Sunday May 24, Closeknit ceased to be.  I’m sad.

But, I took the oportunity to spend as much time there as I could this weekend.  I was there on Saturday for about an hour and then there for the entire business day on Sunday.  I’d like to show you all what I was working on during that time, but it’s a birthday present for a little man who’s about to turn one year old.  While I realizes that he probably doesn’t read this blog, his mom does.  So you just get a little tease:

knitting 001

I’m really happy with the way it’s turning out. And I’m loving the yarn. It’s Heirloon Cashmeno that I got a few weeks ago. There were 10 or so balls in the two blue colors and I thought I might be able to use it for a top for me, but there just wasn’t enough. When I was trying to figure out what to make for young master Caleb, I saw this yarn in my tub and thought it would be perfect! Very soft and well made. And a pretty blue that’s not too blue, you know? Manly, but not boring. I think it’s perfect for a little boy.

On Sunday, the yarn at the store was 75% off, so I was able to afford enough Tahki cotton to make Ron a polo shirt. I’ve wanted to get some to make him something for a while, but never had enough money. I believe I ended up spending about $20 to get all the yarn and pattern, which is close to what we’d end up spending if we bought a shirt in the store. Love that! But, I’ve got to finish Caleb’s thing first. Oh, and I cast on for my Tomato last night…and I’ve got to pick out my June socks for my personal sock club….and Summer Of Socks starts in a few weeks…and my future SIL’s birthday is next month…

I’m never gonna catch up.


Go Over Here And Check Out This Contest… May 22, 2009

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Sandra is having a contest to celebrate her 4th anniversary.  She’s giving away a gorgeous skeing of sock yarn in her lettuce colorway. 

While I realize that telling all ya’all about said contest, I may be ruining my chances to win, I must be a good knitting friend and share.




FO: Ankle Spring Forward Socks May 21, 2009

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The socks, they are done:

knitting 004

Some of you may have noticed I didn’t write a WIP post yesterday. Mostly that was because these socks were my only WIP and I was trying to get them done yesterday and do a FO post instead.

I didn’t make it.

I got to the toe and had to go to bed. Not that I had that much left to do on the sock when I woke up yesterday, but kids…

So, this morning I woke up with plans to get my sock toe done while T was at school. However, D decided to fall out of her stroller face first and see how the concrete driveway felt on her forehead.

She’s decided it doesn’t feel good.

So, instead of knitting the 3 hours that T was at school, I spent that time in the doctor’s office. Yay.

But the socks are done and they’re mighty purty, I think.

knitting 001

Pattern: Spring Forward Socks by Linda Welch
Yarn: Lornas Laces Shepard Sock in Uptown (1 skein)
Needles: US 1’s magic loop
Date Started: May 12, 2009
Date Completed: May 21, 2009
Mods: Because I only had the one skein, I shortened the ribbing to 5 rows, and only did half of the pattern repeat on the leg.

And, I had enough yarn! I was sweating it for a while, though. I don’t have much left, I’m not even sure I have enough to make a square for Mom’s sock yarn blanket. But, that’s ok.

knitting 008

Well, off I must go. All of the babies are crying…


FO: Spring Forward Mother’s Day Socks May 19, 2009

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I seem to be notorious for finishing my gift socks about a week late. I wonder why that is?

Well, no mind, I finished Mom’s Mother’s Day socks when I was over as her house last night.

knitting 002

Even though it took me nearly a month to knit these, I really, really enjoyed them. This is my first knit with Lornas Laces and I’m in love. I’m really lucky that the LYS had it so cheap so that I could support my habit. I’ve got enough to do another 7 or so socks. After that, I’m might have to whore myself out to get the yarn I need. ;o)

knitting 001

Mom really seems to like them, which is good. I knew this colorway would be perfect for her. But, she was talking last night about how it might be getting too warm for them. I told her I didn’t spend hours upon hours knitting them for her to set them aside until Fall. No way, no how.

knitting 003

Pattern: Spring Forward by Linda Welch
Yarn: Lornas Laces Shepard Sock in Happy Valley
Needles: US size 1 magic loop
Date Started: April 20, 2009
Date Completed: May 18, 2009
Mods/Notes: I followed the pattern pretty much exactly.


Asparagus, I Dominate Thee… May 18, 2009

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(Picture heavy post)

I’m a happy Cristi, see?

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 016 (2)

Wanna know why I’m so happy? Well, it’s because of my BFF Erin and her husband Rodney and this place:

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 009 (2)

We fonduded it! Er, um, fondoned it? Hmmm…

Anyway, Rodney won a rather generous gift card at work, so Erin and he were kind enough to take Ron and me out to a most fabulous dinner for our birthday. I took lots of pictures, so, be prepared to get hungry…

First, the cheese course:

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 011 (2)Melting Pot with Ebersoles 010 (2)

There were 5 or 6 different cheese fondues to choose from. It was a difficult decision, but I think we chose the right one. Then came the salads. This was mine, the California salad. Baby greens, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, roma tomatoes, drizzled with a raspberry vinagrette. Yum!

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 012 (2)

And pretty too! (It didn’t stay pretty for very long, though)

Next was the main course, the meats. I had originally taken pictures of the meat plate, but Erin brought up a good point that a picture of raw meat isn’t all that pretty. So, here’s a picture of our meat cooking with some veges in the Mojo broth:

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 014 (2)

I can tell you what was on the plate, though. It included chicken, filet minon, top sirloin, shrimp, and pork. All of the meats were marinated special and delicious! They also gave us dipping sauces, but I didn’t need them. The flavors from just the meat and the mojo fondue were enough.

What we did was put the meat in the broth for two minutes and it cooked up perfectly! While we waited for our meat to cook, we took pictures of us:

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 019 (2)

Of our dinner companions, Erin and Rodney:

Melting%20Pot%20with%20Ebersoles%20018[1] (2)

And of our waitress, Erica:

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 013 (2)

She was fabulous! Lot’s of fun, and she even complimented me on my socks I was knitting. (I had to fight the urge to tell her it was easy to knit them. Why is it that knitters feel the need to lighten the wonder that is our craft. It’s takes a lot of practice to be as good as we are and we should tell people, “Hell, yeah, it’s hard! But it’s worth it.”, when they ask.)

I digress…

After the meat course came the best course of all. You guessed it, chocolate!!!!!

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 023 (2)

(The only real reason for fondue, right?)

And to dip in it:

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 024 (2)

And, yes, it tasted as good as it looks…

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 025 (2)

(Couldn’t you just die?)

Ron got the last of the chocolate after we ran out of things to dip in it.

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 028 (2)

And, the aftermath…

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 027 (2)

It was the most fun I’ve ever had in a restaurant! A perfect birthday gift from a wonderful friend. Thanks so much, Erin and Rodney!

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 032 (2)

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering, yes, there was knitting…

Melting Pot with Ebersoles 030 (2)


I’m Weak… May 15, 2009

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I’m sorry.

knitting 007

I blame it on Ron.

No, really, this works, hear me out.

You see, I fought the urge to work on that toe all blasted day. And it was a fight, let me tell you. That thing called me name incessantly. But I fought it.

I started the sock monkey that I was supposed to start two weeks ago and I worked on Mom’s sock. I got as far as to finish the heel flap on Mom’s sock.

But, then, after I’d put the girls to bed, and the house was quiet, and I was alone…Well…

Here’s how it worked. It was about 15 minutes before Ron was supposed to get home. I needed something that would take up that time, but not over. I couldn’t work on Mom’s sock, because I had finished the heel flap already and the heel would take longer than 15 minutes. I couldn’t work on the sock monkey because that was all the way in the front room. So, I had to work on my sock.

You see how that was the perfect solution, right?

Yeah, it was perfect, I could just work on it until Ron got home and then put it down again. That way I wouldn’t finish the sock or anything, I would just be filling up a few minutes of spair time. And it was the perfect plan, except for one thing.

Ron was late.

And when he did finally get home, he wanted to read for a bit.

Next thing I knew, I was ready to kitchner.

Well, when I realized what I’d done, I immediately put the sock away. I haven’t kitchnered it. I’m going to save that for if I actually do have to substitute yarn for the toes. It’s much easier to tink when it’s still on the needles than it is with the ends weaved.

knitting 002

I wonder if I might ask the sock experts in the reading audience a question. I had said that I had gotten a pair of tennis socks out of one skein of Cascade Sassy Stripes. That has 218 yards to it. Lornas has 225. So, I thought that I had plenty of yarn because I still had a small ball left over from the Cascade.

But then I realized that I did the Cascade socks on 2’s and am doing this sock on 1’s. Do you think that will make much of a difference? You think I’ll run out?


I Almost Succumbed… May 14, 2009

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I did. I’m ashamed.

I was working on my little ankle Spring Forward sock last night, telling myself that I was just going to finish that last repeat and then stop.

And I did the last repeat….

 knitting 007

…and then started on the toe.

I know!

But, two rows in, I found an error in my toe and had to rip it out.

I took that as divine intervention.

And I stopped.

I have a problem, I tell you!

Wonder if they have a 12 step program for people like me.

knitting 003

And here is the yarn I have left:

knitting 010

Man, I hope I have enough! This skein has a similar amout of yarn as that Cascade Sassy Stripes I used for my purple ankle socks. And I had plenty yarn on those socks. I dunno why I’m worried. But, the worry is helping me fight off the need to finish that toe, so it’s probably a good thing. (I do have some Knitpicks sock yarn that is a similar colorway. Similar enough that, if I had to, I could use it for the toe and it wouldn’t be too obvious. So I’m pretty well covered if I do run out of yarn.)

Ok, everyone, say goodbye to the pretty sock. We will see it again when I have finished Mom’s.

knitting 011

(Cannot explain why it came out looking Christmas green and red in this photo.)