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WIP Wednes-Er, Thursday… May 1, 2009

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Sick kids.


So, I’m taking a hiatus from the shop sample. It’s not good to knit on something when you’re starting to loathe it, right? So, I’m taking a break.

Instead, I’m knitting socks!

First up is the pair for Mom for Mother’s day.

knitting 008

I’ve turned the heel and finished the gusset of the first. I’m so impressed with how well this yarn is working with this pattern! I was worried about the gusset since that’s where my stitch count changes a lot. As you can see, though, on top it’s only made the green and yellow bit’s just a wee bit bigger than normal.

knitting 009

The bottom of the foot shows a bit more pooling, but since it’s on the bottom, I’m not too worried. See?

knitting 010

Now, the reason I’m still working on the first sock is because I haven’t knit on it since Sunday. And the reason I haven’t worked on it since Sunday is because I forgot about Uncle’s birthday on Friday and have been feverishly trying to get at least one of his socks done before then.

Now, how I managed to forget about his birthday when it is the day before mine, I’ll never know. I think I kind of forgotted about mine too, or at least didn’t realize they were so soon. But here they are, Uncle’s is tomorrow and mine is on Saturday. But, enough of birthday stuff, let me show you the socks.

knitting 002

As much as I am impressed with the Lorna’s Laces I’m using for Mom’s socks, I am that unimpressed with the yarn I’m using for Uncle’s. I shouldn’t be surprised, it is Red Heart, after all. I would have picked out something better, but…well, payday is tomorrow, so I had to go stash diving. This yarn was pretty much the only thing I had in any kind of manly color.

knitting 003

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the worst yarn I’ve ever used. It’s not acrylic, so that’s a good thing. But it’s splitty and it just doesn’t feel as nice as the Lornas.

Also, there’s not enough!

As you can see from the first picture, I had to go with another color for the heel. Thankfully, my LYS loaned me some yarn until I can pay for it tomorrow. I was torn, though, with the prospect of putting pretty yarn up against the not so pretty. The heel is made out of Cascade and it’s ever so much nicer than the Red Heart. And, a bonus is that there’s plenty of yardage that I should be able to get a whole other pair for Ron out of the skein after I’m done.

I do like the pattern, though…
knitting 004

These are the Guitar Man socks from the pattern a day calendar. It’s a nice, manly sock pattern without being too boring.

I’m actually further than the pictures. I started to write this blog this morning and was going to use the pictures I took last night. However, my children had other plans, so I knit for a while and then took pictures again this afternoon. Those are the pictures you see now. I tried again to blog, but it was a no go. Now, it’s evening, T is in bed and D is screaming on the bed with Ron. I’m getting five minutes to try to get this down before I have to go calm her down.

As far as the sock? I’m working on the toe. At least I got one done in time for Uncle’s birthday.


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  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Very nice! I hope he likes it!

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