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Because I Know You’re Dying To Know… May 4, 2009

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So, my birthday was fan-frickin-tasctic! I think it’s safe to say that this was the best birthdy in years.

Here’s how it went:

I woke up to my husband bringing me breakfast in bed and T serenaded me with a riveting round of the birthday song.

After that, I showered and got dressed and made my way to my folk’s house. There I was able to give Uncle his one sock, (it fit, yay!) and open my birthday present from Mom and Dad. Since I collect Amberina glass, she got me a fantastic pitcher.

Then it was off to Disneyland! In the way there, I sat in the back and knitted a bit. I managed the night before to get a sock to fit T out of the leftover Lorna’s I’m using for Mom’s Mother’s Day socks. I still had a little left over from that first skein and thought I might be able to get an ankle sock for D out of it. I found out later in the day that there isn’t quite enough yarn, but that’s ok.

At Disneyland, we were able to get our passes and ride a few rides. I managed to remember to take one picture:

(It’s a phone picture, so excuse the quality)

We didn’t stay more than a few hours, but that’s ok. It was rather crowded and it’s hard on T to have to wait in line after line. The weather was nice and cool, though, so it was a very pleasant few hours.

After getting back in town, I left the girls with Mom and ran home to an awaiting Ron. I changed and off we went to a fantastic local Thai restaraunt for dinner. It was really good food, as it always is, but it was extra special this time because the place wasn’t very busy, so we got extra special attention. The waiters even made up a special birthday song for me to go with my fried banana. Wanna see the banana?


Oops, I ate it all before I thought to take a picture, sorry. It was really good, though, and pretty too. Sorry you couldn’t see it.

After dinner, we went to the movies and saw the new Wolverine movie. I’m a fan of the whole X-Men thing, so I really was looking forward to seeing it. I wasn’t dissapointed. It was exactly what I was expecting.

After that, we picked up D (T stayed the night at Mom’s) and headed home. All in all, a very nice birthday.

Oh, and thanks for all your wonderful birthday wishes! It was the icing on the cake to come home and read all of those while nursing D for bed. Thanks so much!


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