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WIPs Are Fun! May 13, 2009

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So, since ‘ve already posted my FO about Uncle’s socks, you know that they won’t be in this WIP post. Mom’s socks, however, will be.

knitting 006

As you can see, the first one is complete, (ends weaved and everything) and the second one is started. I’m about one pattern repeat from starting the heel. I should have had these done. There’s really no good excuse for it. I mean, I finished Uncle’s socks two days ago, so why haven’t I gotten further on Mom’s?

This is why…

knitting 005

I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been carrying the yarn in my bag for over a week and it’s been calling to me. After I finished Uncle’s socks, I couldn’t deny the urge anymore. I told myslef I’d just cast on and do the ribbing, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough.

Then I said I’d do the half repeat for the leg, but I couldn’t stop there.

So, I figured I’d do the heel and then stop, but the gusset was calling…

Now, I’ve finished the gusset and am one short pattern repeat from starting the toe. (see what I mean about pattern socks?!)

And, since, I’ll be on the toe, I might as well finish the thing out, right? Actually, I won’t do the toe. I want to make sure I have enough yarn for the second sock and would rather have two toes made out of another yarn than have one sock with a partial foot and toe done different.

For those of you who are very observant, yes, I did take these pictures this morning and am much farther in the sock than they show.

knitting 004

Once, I get to the toe, I promise I will put it down and finish Mom’s sock. I swear!

Well, probably…

What can I say? At least I’m honest about my problem…


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