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An Update On My List. May 14, 2009

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Wow, three posts in one day! Can you handle it?

What can I tell you? I only had to watch babies for half the day, so I’m taking advantage of the quiet.

Some of you may remember back in January, when, in this post, I made out a list of projects I wanted to get done.

Well, I was thinking about that list today and wondering what I had accomplished from it, so I decided to post here an update. (it’s really more for me than you, but if you enjoy reading my lists, then feel free.)

Here is the original list:

1. Fingerless glove for Ron Done 1/25
2. Handwarmers using leftover Alpaca I did one, decided I didn’t like it, and let T have it to play with.
3. Hey Teach! for Mom
4. Second Noro sock Done 2/20
5. Sweater for me (pattern yet to be picked out)
6. Ribbed Lace Bolero for Rayanne
7. Transition Gloves and Socks
8. Fuego Socks
9. Leyburn Socks
10. Fix baby sweater for lady to remember late mom by Done 4/3
11. Finish Cinnamon for Morgan Done 2/24
12. Make booties for D

So, I’ve managed to knock off a good portion of it. Obviously I still have work to do. But, in my defense, I have done nearly 6 pairs of socks, a helmet liner, a baby sweater and most of an adult blouse that wasn’t on the list.

But, as the original list is now invalid, I must make a new one. Here it is, again in no particular order:

1. Hey Teach!  or blouse for Mom
2. Tomato for me
3. Bolero for Rayanne
4. Transition Gloves and socks
5. Leyburn Socks
6. Fuego Socks
7. Socks for T and D
8. Sock Monkey
9. Finish Caleb’s blanket
10. Finish T’s sweater

I think that’ll do for now. Of course, something else will come up and I’ll have to adjust the list again. But, I’m fluid…somewhat.

Arg, I need to knit faster!


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