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FO: Helmet Liner For Father’s Day July 10, 2009

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I knit gifts for my family. I’m sure you all knew that since I post on here who I’m knitting what for. But there’s one person in my family that I’ve not been able to knit anything for. My dad.

He’s just not a knitwear type person. I suppose if we lived somewhere that got colder than 50 degreees in the Winter, he’d probably wear all kinds of hats, gloves, and sweaters. But, we don’t, so he doesn’t see the need. And I don’t want to spend the time knitting something for him that he’s not gonna appreciate. So I don’t knit for Dad.

However, a few months ago, he actually asked me if I could knit him something. I decided I would even before he told me what it was. I mean, knit wear he would want? Of course I’ll do it!

Dad rides a motorcycle for his 45 minute commute to work everyday. He bought it a few years ago when the gas prices started to rise and he realized just how much he would waste on gas money driving his Jeep to work everyday. He leaves early in the morning and, in the Winter on the bike, it does get cold enough to need knitwear. So he asked if I could make him a helmet liner to keep his face and neck warm.

Of course, he wanted it in black, which is icky for me, but, again, I was just happy to be able to knit something for him finally. And, as luck would have it, I was making one for a customer of my LYS. I was able to make that one and have Dad try it on to see if he liked it as the pattern was written. He made a few changes like making the neck bit longer to go all the way to his shouulders and ensure it would stay in his collar.

downsized_0621091814[1] (2)

Even though Dad had asked in Frebruary or so, I figured I’d wait until Father’s Day. He doesn’t need it until November anyway. And, since my LYS had closed by the time I started it, I got Knitpicks Swish instead of Brown Sheep. I’m glad for that as the Swish is sooooo mush softer than the Brown Sheep.

downsized_0621091814a[1] (2)

Project: Helmet Liner by Bonnie Long
Yarn: Knitpicks Swish worsted in black
Needles: US 6 and 8
Date Started: June 18, 2009
Date Completed: June 22, 2009
Mods: Well, as stated above, I made the neck bit longer. And I made the part around the face a bit longer. Other than that…


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