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An Update… August 14, 2009

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Well, I disappeared again. Hope none of you take it personally. Although, all my readers have probably gone by now, so there’s no one to offend by not posting. ;o)

I’m still knitting regularly, but I’m having the hardest time getting in a post. And it’s not just writing my blog, I’ve fallen so behind in reading my blogs too. I think that it’s because I’m not nursing D as often anymore.

Does that last sentence need explanation? Well, when I would nurse the baby every few hours, I spent a lot of time on line. I nurse at the computer, you see, since the chair is the most comfy to nurse on. So, every couple of hours, I had nothing else to do for at least 30 minutes but play on-line. Those days I would check my Google Reader several times a day and come up without a single blog to read often. I’d also spend gobs of time checking out other people’s knitting on Ravelry.

Well, now D only nurses right before bed and only then for about 7 minutes, so I don’t have all that luxury time. It’s not so much that I spend less time on the computer, it’s just that I’m knitting when I do. You see, I could never knit and nurse, or type and nurse, so reading was perfect. And I can’t read and knit very well either. So, I spend a lot of my free time watching British TV on Netflix. It’s great fun, and helps me get a lot of knitting done, but it’s not so good for my blog.

So, that’s why. But I’ll try to catch you up and maybe I can keep things up a bit better…maybe. I’ve got a few FO posts that I’ll share with you soon enough. But this post is just a little bit about my life.


I’m sure that if there are any readers left, you might be wondering about that job opportunity for Ron. We haven’t heard yet, but we’re not very hopeful anymore. We were supposed to know by the beginning of July, but he didn’t call. When Ron finally got ahold of him, we learned that the date was pushed back to the begining of August. Also, we learned that the job wouldn’t be really local. The closest location would be about an hour away. Now, that’s still doable considering the pay raise, but it does put a damper on the excitement. What also put a damper is that Ron learned he’d not really have much of a chance of getting the site suprevisor position. That’s the one that would double his income. But, he could still get the other one, and that’s still a $4 an hour raise, so things were still looking up.

Well, it’s now the middle of August and we’ve still not heard anything. Ron’s going to call the guy, but he’s not too excited about it. I think it’s the fear of knowing it’s hopeless that’s keeping him from calling. It’s so much easier to not know sometimes, you know?

But, as I said, we’re not too hopeful. It’s upsetting, as you can imagine, but I am holding on to the knowledge that God will care for us. He always has. And I know that one day I won’t have to worry about being able to pay all the bills and feed the family. One day there will be money in savings. One day we will be able to fix the house or car without saving for 6 months. One day.

And when that day comes, I’m going to really enjoy being able to help out someone else who’s where we are now. We’ve been helped out so much, it’ll be great to be able to pay it forward.


As far as knitting goes, I’ve been really enjoying it lately. The new shop has opened up and it’s leaps and bounds better than the original. Just the way it’s laid out is so much more warm and inviting. Check out the website and you’ll see.

The first shop sample I did is in the window. That’s the red blouse I finished a month or so ago. I was then commissioned to do another sweater both for the shop and for one of the owners. That one was fun and I finished it in about three weeks. It’s the Leaf Jacket by Debbie Bliss. (Rav link) It’s also one of my FO posts that you’ll get later. The gal I made it for was pleased and has already asked me for another blouse. I’ll get started on that one probably next week. I’ve got a pair of knee socks to finish first.

knitting 002
knitting 002

These are fantastic! I’m about an inch farther than the last picture. I love the pattern and I love the colors. I’ve got a denim skirt that I think will go great with these socks. And, when they are finally done, it might have cooled off enough to wear them. I’ll probably wear them whether it’s cool or not, they’re gonna be awesome!

Let’s see, what else? Oh, yeah, I’ve got another pair of socks to post about and a couple of hats. And I think that’s it.

Oh! Wait! There’s one more thing. I wanted to try my hand at a stranded sock. I found a pattern that I loved, the Northern lights by, and pulled some yarn out of my stash. I quickly found a video teaching me how to knit stranded here. It’s a great website and I’ve used it more than once to learn a new technique. Anyway, on 4th of July, I cast on and got started. I managed to finish the first chart, being the cuff, in pretty quick time, and got set up to start the heel. But, I thought I should check to see if it fit yet before I started the heel. I had heard all kinds of horror stories of stranded work not fitting. And, sure enough, I couldn’t get the blasted thing over my heel.

That left me with a problem. Should I rip it all out? Keep going and give them away as a gift? Make them into something else? Sit down and cry?

Well, I, of course, chose the last one. But, after I finished crying, I decided that I should make them into something else. I could bear to rip it all out and, as I like to keep my first try at something, I knew I wouldn’t want to give this first attempt at stranded away. The thing fit well on my wrist, so I first thought it would make a great wristband. However, I realize that I’m entirely too old to pull off a wrist band, so I went with the next best thing. I made it into a fingerless glove.

knitting 010

I just kind of went off my own knowledge of how a glove is made and put the thing together. When I took it to the shop to show off, they suggested I write the pattern and teach a class on it. So, I’m going to make another in a different color to fix up some off the icky parts of this first one. Anyone want to voluteer to test knit it when it’s done?

knitting 009

I’m also going to change up a little bit of the charts. I’m not sure how the copyrights work with charts. I’ve been told that charts are pretty much up for grabs and that the person who wrote the sock pattern probably got the charts from someone else. Anyone know anything about it? I’d hate to publish the pattern as my own, and then get hollered at by the sock designer.

So, that’s my progress. Not too bad, eh?


One Response to “An Update…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    You do such great work. Its no wonder they want more of it!

    I don’t know enough about copyright to really add to the conversation. I know enough to be dangerous. What I’m thinking is yes, you used the original chart to start with, but a) you created a totally different end product; and b) you still had to change up the chart in order to accommodate the thumb gusset and the lack of a toe. So you should be fine. If you want to credit the original designer somehow, that would help. If you want to contact them and say, “hey, I did this and this and have been asked to teach a class on it; do you mind if I write up the pattern, since your original charts were the inspiration?” Ask her how she wants it handled. I have found that most designers are cool with it if they’re allowed some input, or are at least consulted first. It’s when you just take what they’ve done and run without asking that they get prickly, and who can blame them?

    Re: the job situation — I’ve got you guys in my heart. I understand completely and I thank God for every day that passes with Scott’s job still intact, because the prospects for me are nil. Email me if you ever need to just vent about it.

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