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FO: Fuego Socks August 15, 2009

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A while ago, I can’t remember how long, I won a random number draw on TurtleGirl76’s blog. Among some other goodies, she sent me a skein of this yarn.

knitting 001

It didn’t come with a ball band, but she told me it was Yarn Ahoy in the Ablaze colorway. Like her, I’m a huge fan of orange, so I was immediately in love with it. When I sent her my thanks, I mentioned I would have to find the perfect pattern to go with the yarn. She told me that there was one, written especially for this yarn in this colorway. It was the Fuego socks pattern by Rosi G. I took one look at the pattern and agreed that my new yarn needed to become these socks.

It took a few months, but I finally got them started. The pattern worked perfectly with the yarn, like they were made to be together, which…well…they were.

knitting 004

I finished the first one in just a few days, partly because I shortened it like I do with most all my socks. But mostly because it was fun to knit.

knitting 005

This is the first one I did. It has a reverse heel flap. That means that I knit this sock’s heel as I would have knit a top down heel, with a heel flap and then a short row heel. The only difference is that this sock is a toe up sock. So the heel flap was on the bottom of my foot, not the back of my leg. You can see it in the picture.

Well, I wasn’t too excited with the heel. I thought about it as I finished that first sock and as I worked on the second. I realized that the heel bothered me enough that I needed to change it. So I knit the second sock with my SOP toe up heel, Wendy’s Toe Up heel. It’s your basic wrap and turn heel. I used it on the second sock and then ripped out the first and reknit the heel. I’m very much happy with the results.

knitting 002

And, as an added bonus, the colorway on the heels almost match up perfectly. I’m very glad I decided to change the heel. No offense meant to Rosi G, I love this pattern and she did a fantastic job writing it. I just am particular about my heels.

knitting 002

Project: Fuego Socks by Rosi G. (Rav Me)
Yarn: Yarn Ahoy in Ablaze
Needles: US size 1
Date Started: July 18, 2009
Date Completed: August 4, 2009
Mods: Well, besides the heel, I decreased the number of stitches and went down a half needle size. I like tighter socks, you know.

I’ve worn these socks a few time now and I’m amazed at how soft the yarn has gotten. These are great socks!

knitting 003


3 Responses to “FO: Fuego Socks”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    YAY! They look fantastic! I knew I sent that yarn to the right home. =)

  2. Kelly Says:

    Love the socks, and I’m sure Rosi wouldn’t mind a bit. In fact, I think she’d be thrilled that you customized her plan to suit.

  3. […] August 20, 2009 Filed under: Uncategorized — knittingdodo @ 7:14 pm I finished my Fuego socks just little while ago and had a generous amount of yarn left over. At first, I planned to put it […]

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