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An Anniversary…Of Sorts… October 7, 2009

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I just noticed that today marks the 1 year anniversary of my blog. Yup, on October 7, 2008, I took my first step into the knitting web’verse. When I started, I thought I’d be posting every day and have hundreds of readers. But, well, I guess I’ve come short, huh? Oh well, life was a little bit simpler this time last year.

So, life. It’s getting complicated. Three weeks ago my MIL had a ruptured aneurism in her brain and had emergency surgery to fix it. She was very lucky to survive. The doctor told us that 50% of the people this happens to don’t even make it to the hospital. Of those that do, only 50% make through surgery. So the fact that she’s still alive and talking is a miracle. And we are very grateful to still have her. unfortunately, she’s not completely out of the woods. The doctors are saying she’s going to probably need 24/7 care for a year or more. They say it’ll be like taking care of a toddler. We’re not sure exactly what to expect because they keep telling us to wait until she’s had a few more weeks of therapy. Basically, it’s a plan for the worst, hope for the best kind of situation.

We are feeling pretty hopeful because she got up and went to the bathroom all by herself the other day when Ron was there. That’s a really good sign.

Anyway, as you can imagine, this is putting some strain on our world. Ron is pretty much the only family she has in town, and so he’s taking on a lot of responsibility. He’s at the hospital with her 4 or 5 days a week after work so she’s not alone all day. The only reason he’s not there 7 days is because he has school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We’re not allowed to take the girls to see her, so he’s having to go alone. Which means he’s getting no support on her bad days, and he’s missing out on seeing the girls a lot. They sure miss him. They get so excited when he walks through the door now.

And don’t get me started on the lack of time we get together. Our 11th anniversary was Sept 19, and, though we had dinner and saw a movie, we spent the whole time worrying and talking about his mom. It’s hard to enjoy a night out just a few days after something like that.

But you know what? God’s taking care of us through all of this. Everything we’ve really needed has been provided. Weather it be some gas money or a good night’s sleep. So, I’m not really complaining, but I wanted to let you all know what’s been happening.

But, through it all, I’m still managing to knit. I’ve finished some things and will hopefully be able to post about those soon. Also, I’m getting started on my Christmas knitting. I’m planning on having a smaller knitting list this year. Last year was a bit much, I think.

Also, I’m planning on posting some yarns on here to destash. We could always use the extra money and some of it is just stuff I’m not gonna use. So, keep an eye out for that, I might just have that yarn you need for your next project.


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