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FO: Lace Cardigan November 6, 2009

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A few months ago, the shop came up to me and asked if I’d like to make another sample. They wanted to highlight a yarn that hadn’t been selling well and wondered if I’d make something out of it for myself and, when they were done using the sample, I’d get to keep it. It sounded like a good idea to me, I mean, this is bamboo yarn we’re talking about and it’s not cheap. But, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted out of the colors they had in stock. So, I thought instead I could make something for T. I mean, her birthday is coming up soon, so I could kill two birds with one stone.

So, I took 6 balls home and got started on this:

THe girls 005
(She’s acting cold, you see, to show the need for a sweater)

The yarn was really nice to work with. It’s very soft and showed the stitch pattern really well. The pattern, however, didn’t make me a happy Cristi.

THe girls 008

It wasn’t that it was hard, it wasn’t. I think that there was a language barrier or something. It just didn’t read out right. Let’s just say that it was a good thing I’m an experienced knitter. There was lots of stuff the pattern just assumed you’d know, and they went about things in the hardest way. If I’d tried this a few years ago, it would’ve probably put me off knitting. Needless to say, I won’t be making this again.

But, T liked it:

THe girls 011

Project: Design B – Lace Cardigan by Sirdar Spinning Ltd.
Yarn: Schulana Sojabama
Needles: US 6
Date Started: August 26, 2009
Date Completed: September 2 2009
Mods: Well, I didn’t make any, but if I were forced to make it again, there’d be plenty…

You may be asking yourself why, if I was gifting it to T for her birthday, I would have her wear it for the picutres. Well, that’s the nice thing about 4 year old brains. Since I made this in September and it hung in the shop for 2 months, she’s forgotten all about it. And I got it back in perfect time for her birthday on the 28th. And, a bonus, in the past month T has decided that purple is her favorite color. Good thing I didn’t make it out of blue, huh?

THe girls 009


2 Responses to “FO: Lace Cardigan”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    Oh how sweet! Love it!

    • knittingdodo Says:

      Thanks!  She loves it.  I’m sure that when she gets it for her birthday, it’ll be a fight to get her to take it off.

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