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I Promised Myself I Wasn’t Going To Do This… November 6, 2009

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I told myslef that this year I’d be more prepared, I’d start earlier, I’d plan things out better. But, I didn’t.

Yes, I’m talking about my Christmas gift knitting. Last year, when I knit like a mad woman in odrer to get 14 gifts knit in time after starting in mid-October; I swore next year I’d do it differently.

Here it is November and when do you think I started knitting my gifts? That’s right, 2 weeks ago. Now, I don’t have quite the large number of gifts to do this year, I think I only have 10 or so, but I’ve got a full lace shawl as one of the gifts. And, you know, that’s like 2 or 3 gifts put together.

And it’s not like I couldn’t have started the shawl months ago. I knew I was making it for Christmas. I’ve had that planned since January. I’ve even had the yarn since late Spring, so I totally could have started it. But, no, I was a dunderhead and worked on other things, thinking I still had plenty of time.

And, now, Christmas is less than two months away. And me? Well, I’m back to knitting like a mad woman.

I’m such a glutton for punishment…


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