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FO: Eton’s Scarf November 8, 2009

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Well, prepare yourself, most of the next FO posts will be Christmas gifts.  That means that, in an effort to make everything in time, they may not be anything structurally spectacular.  They’re not going to be garter stitch washclothes, mind you, but they aren’t going to be fingering weight fair isle sweaters either.  And  a perfect example of this is the scarf I’d made for my FIL.

knitting 001

Last year, you may recall, I made my FIL a pair of fingerless gloves. I figured he could use them while driving truck in Oregon. He really seemed to like them, which made me feel good, of course. I had a hard time figuring what to make him this year. I knew I didn’t have to resources for a sweater, though I know he’d be very grateful if I made him one. So, it had to be something small, but also manly. That cut down a lot of things…like purses. ;o)

Finally, I settled on a scarf. I had some really nice blue cascade 220 and some leftover black from the dog sweater. But, I didn’t have very much, so I had to pick out a pattern that would be manly, interesting, and not need more than 400 yards of yarn. I found that in the Eton Scarf.

knitting 007

It’s really fairly simple, just a doubled moss stitch, but it changed things up enough that I wasn’t bored to tears to make it. Also, it was easy enough that I could knit it at the hospital with my MIL. It helped to have something that had rows that were short and no chart, so that I could just drop it if I was needed.

(BTW, for those of you wondering, my MIL made through surgery fine and, after spending 6 weeks in the hospital, finally got released about 2 weeks ago. She’s doing very well, amazingly well, actually. She’s living at home, on her own, and only needs us to drive her for errands. It’s a realy answer to prayer, I tell you, and I really appreciated all your prayers.)

knitting 008

Project: Eton Scarf by Jennifer Refat (Rav Me!)
Yarn:Cascade 220
Date Started:October 12, 2009
Date Completed:October 18, 2009
Mods: Um, well, I guess you could say that using two colors was a mod, but it’s not much of one, really.

I’m thinking that if I get all my other gifts done in time, I may make a quick hat for him too. Not out of this same yarn, though. I used every little bit of it on the scarf.

knitting 009


2 Responses to “FO: Eton’s Scarf”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    I’m glad to hear how well you MiL is doing! Yay for answered prayers!

    Love the scarf. The colors are great together.

    • knittingdodo Says:

      Yeah, no kidding on the answered prayers. God knew that we couldn’t do anymore than what we are doing now, so He made it work out.

      You know, I normally hate scarf knitting. Just the idea bores me, but this scarf was actually kind of fun. And it worked up quickly. I think it has something to do with changing the colors.

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