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FO: Dragon Melody Shawl November 9, 2009

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Now, this is one FO that I’m really proud of. I’m getting a bit of a reputation at the shop. People are starting to ask me to make things that they want to have, but not necessarily want to make. Such is the case with this shawl.

Cathy at the at the shop comissioned me to make this shawl for her. I was in the middle of making that devil tank, so the yarn and pattern sat on my vanity for a few weeks before I even looked at it. Then, it took me a while to get into it after I started because it has a large stockinette bit at the begining and, as you all know, stockinette can get really boring pretty fast.

knitting 004

Then, after increasing in stockinette to over 300 stitches, I got to the fun lacey bit. I enjoyed that. It was an easy enough lace panel that I could read what I was kntting and know what was to come next without having to look much at the chart. The lace part went quickly and I thought I was close to being done.

knitting 002

Boy was I wrong. I didn’t realize until I got there that the lace border was knitted on. It was 35 stitches per row. The pattern was a 12 row repeat. I had to do the pattern repeat 93 times. Yeah, that’s 1116 rows total. When I scaned over the pattern at the begining, I olny saw this little 12 row chart and thought it would be a quick easy finish.

Not so much.

knitting 003

For at least the first 10 repeats I had to count and really pay attention to the pattern to remember where I was, and I was hating life. By repeat 30 or so, I could read the knitting pretty well and find my place a little quicker, bit it was still awkward. Boy, though, when I got up to repeat 50 or so, I was a master at the pattern and could knit it with my eyes closed. By that time, I was flying through the repeats and feeling fine.

And this is what I ended up with:

knitting 001

I was almost sad to give it to Cathy, because it came out so pretty! And the sucker’s big! I never realized how big it actually was going to be until I cast off. I knit the thing on 40″ circs, so I couldn’t ever really spread it out. But it’ll keep anyone nice and warm.

knitting 002

And the lace pattern, even that pesky border, came out so pretty. You know, I knit lace socks all the time, and I’ve done other lace things, but never something this big. In fact, this is my first ever shawl, so I double proud of it for that.

knitting 003

Project: Dragon Melody Shawl by Mary Young Smith (Rav Me!)
Yarn: Jojoland Melody
Needles: US6
Date Started: September 21, 2009
Date Completed: October 30 2009
Mods: None

I’m really glad I made this shawl, and the gals at the shop raved about it. In fact, I’ve got orders to make 2 more shawls now. Good work pays off. But those other shawls have to wait until I get my Christmas knitting done. I’m too far behind to pick up any other projects.

knitting 005


9 Responses to “FO: Dragon Melody Shawl”

  1. trillian42 Says:

    That is STUNNING! You should be ridiculously proud of it!

    It’s not a pattern I’d seen before. And now, curse you, I’m going to have to make one at some point!

    • knittingdodo Says:

      Thanks! I still look at the pictures in awe. Silly, I know, but I can’t help myself. ;o)

      I would totally suggest you make it, sorry about the enabling. I’ll warn you, though, the knitted on edge is at least 40% of the work. Don’t get fooled like me to believing you’re in the home stretch when you get there.

  2. turtlegirl76 Says:

    WOW! I can’t believe you had to fork that baby over to someone else! And you’re going to make 2 more just like it? And still neither for you? Wow. It’s so gorgeous. At least you have the pics. But still!

    • knittingdodo Says:

      I KNOW!!! It was rough passing it off, let me tell you. But the check she gave me helped.

      I’m not makeing two more just like it, just two more shawls…different patterns. Also, I have to make an Aeolien shawl as one of my Christmas gifts. Maybe one of these days I’ll get one done for myself. Maybe one like your Charlotte’s web, the big one. It’s still probably the most beautiful shawl I’ve seen. I’m sure that’s in part due to the colors…

  3. Ira Says:

    It’s me Ira from the knitting group that meets at Panera…
    I’m the one who is trying to knit socks on DPN’s!!
    Well….I need help! I’ve dropped a stitch several rows down…I’ve tried picking it up but the hole remains….
    I’ve looking on the net to find solutions….
    what do you recommend?
    e-mail address above…

  4. Ira Campos Says:

    This shawl is gorgeous!! What are you up to now? 🙂 I’m working on the flower for our party…

  5. Ira Campos Says:

    if you try to write back…this post was sent with the correct e-mail..sorry..

  6. Ira Says:

    Hi…how are you doing…it’s been awhile since you posted..

  7. Flora Says:

    I am working on this shawl with two other girlfriends. One has pulled the first section of the lace out three times and is now ready to start if for the fourth. Any suggestions that you have will be appreciated. She is in the process of giving up.

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