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FO: Christmas Socks January 5, 2010

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My mom likes cute socks. She likes to have socks that match her top and socks that are season appropriate. So when I saw the pattern for the Christmas Socks on Ravelry I thought I’d found the perfect knit for her.

Here’s the problem, though, the pattern isn’t a pattern per se, it’s a chart for the stranded panel that goes on the cuff of the socks. No problem, I though to myself, I’ve knit plenty of socks and can figure out the foot for myself. And I did. The foot of each of these socks is perfect. While the others who’d made the socks on Ravelry did them top down, I chose to do toe up so I could get the boring bit out of the way. I figured it would work just as well if I turned the chart upside down. And it did.

I even had the perfect yarn in my stash. This had a Wintery quality to it.

knitting stash

See, it looks like it’s snow and ice, right?

So, I did the foot on a US1, but knew I was going to have to go up to do the chart. This is where not having a proper pattern or enough stranded experience messed me up. The chart was 60 stitches, the other projects on Ravelry all did their’s on a 2 or a 3, so I tried the chart on a 2. I got about halfway up, tried it on and it was painfully obvious it wouldn’t fit. So, I ripped and then tried it on a 3. This time I did the whole chart before trying it on. That was really stupid because it also didn’t fit. I could get it on with a lot of tugging, but the stitches looked sloppy and I really wasn’t happy about it at all.

That’s when the sock got put in time out.

I had to then decide which of the following 3 things I was gonna do.

1. Frog the whole thing and come up with another gift for Mom.
2. Rewrite the chart to add 12 stitches or so and re knit it on a 2
3. Go up to sport weight yarn and a size 5 needle

I went over these options in my head for weeks. The first one would probably have been the best choice, looking back, but I really thought these were the perfect gift. The second option seemed like it would be more annoying than the third, even though it would be cheaper. But, I went ahead and ordered some sport yarn from Knit Picks and started anew on size 5 needles.

And it’s ok…

knitting 004

They look like socks and they fit, but I don’t like the obvious transition from the fingering to the sport weight.

knitting 003

They’re just not the perfect Christmas sokcs I’d had in mind.

knitting 005

Project: Christmas Socks by Anne Abrahamsen (Rav Me!)
Yarn: Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Colori Socka Color 104, Sandnes Garn Peer Gynt color 8764, Knit Picks Merino Style in Hollyberry, Dusk, and Vanilla
Needles: US 1 and 5
Date Started: November 12 2009
Date Completed: December 24, 2009
Notes. I want everyone to understand that my dissapointment with these socks has nothing to do with the chart. This is completely a user error situation.


6 Responses to “FO: Christmas Socks”

  1. turtlegirl76 Says:

    They still look pretty cool! Stranded knitting on socks still trips me up. I find that the more often I trap my floats, the better. If you try trapping them every other stitch, you’d be surprised how stretchy the fabric is. It’s the damn floats that get you every time.

  2. TinkingDeb Says:

    Oh my!! These are just adorable! I do beautiful work!

  3. TinkingDeb Says:

    ROFLMAO….sorry, I was typing that YOU do beautiful work. I do crappy, shoddy work, but am working on improvement. Apparently, my fingers are in denial still, and they typed the wrong thing. LOL

  4. Ira Says:

    Hi…have not heard from you in a long time…are you going to Panera tomorrow? hope you are well..

  5. knitsteve Says:

    Love those socks! 🙂

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