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FO: Boyfriend Socks February 26, 2011

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Last Winter, Ron started bothering me for a pair of socks. I blew it off, thinking that he wouldn’t actually ever wear the socks I made for him. But then I brought home a ridiculous looking pair of old, missfitting acrylic socks that were leftover from when my old LYS closed. He wore those socks to death, and they didn’t even fit him. So, I broke down and agreed to make him a pair.

Of course, Ron wasn’t going to let me knit him anything bright and fanciful, so I found a few skeins of Claudia Handpainted in my stash and set to work.

They weren’t hard at all, and you all know how much I love me some cables. But, even I was was ready for these socks to be done. Ron’s got big, wide feet,a nd he wanted them on the tall side. And, looking back, I realize it probably wasnt’ a good pairing of yarn and pattern. The cables kind of disappear in the yarn. Ah well, he worn them to death last Winter and pulled them out as soon as it got cold again. And that’s what really matters, right? :o)

knitting 004

Pattern: Boyfriend Socks (Rav Me!)
Yarn: Claudia Hanpainted in Leopard. (I used 2.5 skeins)
Needles: US 1
Date Started: December 26, 2009
Date Completed: January 9, 2010
Mods: Um, it was unitentional, but I didn’t always count the cable row well and so, they’re not really all the same. :o)


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