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FO: Star Crossed Slouchy Beret March 29, 2011

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Another thing that I discovered at the end of 2009 was the ISO/Destash group on Ravelry. I was able to take advantage of some great destashes and find some truly awesome people to trade with. A perfect example of both was with two skeins of Mal worsted. I found some in pink for a great price in a destash. And, since I hadn’t tried that particular yarn before and had heard great things about it, I went ahead and bought it. Of course, i should have remembered that I’m not a fan of pink. And when the yarn came, it was *really* pink.

knitting 006

So, I put it out there that I was looking to trade my two skeins of pink for 2 skeins in a different color. And, luckily, I found a taker.

knitting 003

And, of course, I had to knit that beauty up super quick. So, a new hat was born.

knitting1 006

Pattern: Star Crossed Slouchy Beret (Rav Me!)
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Verdes
Date Started: January 16, 2010
Date Completed: January 18, 2010
Mods: None

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FO: Twisted Flower Socks

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Last January brought with it two things: My true love for Cookie A patterns, and my discovery of knitting for yarn. Both discoveries came about with these socks. I was trolling Ravelry, as I tend to do and I saw someone was offering a skein of sock yarn in return for sock knitting services.

And, I fell in love with the arrangement. You’ll see, once I get all my FO’s posted, that I’ve been doing a lot of knitting for yarn over the past year or so. :o)

But back to the one that started it all. I can’t really recall if she picked out the pattern or I did, but it’s an awesome one. As I stated earlier, it was the pattern that helped me discover my true love with Cookie A. I had made 2 other of Cookie’s patterns before and had enjoyed them, but this one blew my mind. I mean, twisted stitches and single stitch cables. I was in heaven. ;o)

knitting 012

And, yum. The Jitterbug was nice and plush and the color was fantastic. Just about the perfect purple. My only complaint about this yarn was that the skein was a little light on yardage. But, as you may know, they have changed their put up since I made these and the new put up is more generous.

knitting 011

Pattern: Twisted Flower by Cookie A. (Rav Me!)
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Plum
Date Started: December 31, 2009
Date Completed: January 13, 2010
Mods: Because of the low yardage, I went ahead and only did one pattern repeat on the leg. I personally think the socks look better that way, too. :o)