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Adventures in Bento: November 10-14, 2014 November 17, 2014

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This week is a little skimpy on lunches. There were a lot of other life things that happened that kept me from being able to make lunches everyday. However, I did get a few, so you can at least see those. 🙂


We’d had hotdogs for dinner over the weekend and there were two leftover, so I went ahead and pan fried those in the morning for lunch. They have a kitty fork for easy eating and there’s ketchup in the little container next to the hot dogs. On the other side of the top tier, I added some pretzel sticks and a Babybel cheese. On the bottom tier there are some pear chunks and applesauce with sprinkles.


If I recollect correctly, they had school lunch for both Tuesday and Wednesday. However, I was able to cobble together something for Thursday. It’s not really a lunch I’m proud of, being mostly leftover pizza, but it’s probably still better than school lunch for a third day in a row. 🙂 On the top tier I put a slew of raspberries and blackberries, as we as a few graham crackers and some citrus gum drops for a treat.


Friday I did a bit better with a panda and wee gingerbread man PB&J. There was also the last of the blackberries, a few pretzel sticks, some mini chocolate covered pretzels, and applesauce with some cinnamon.

This week I’m hoping to accomplish two things, one is to make a lunch for the girls every day, and two is to make sure to get the blog for this week’s lunches posted on time on Friday. Let’s see how I do. 🙂


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